About Remote Learner

Our Mission is to Unlock the Potential of Technology to Improve Lives Through Learning


While there are a lot of companies offering seemingly similar services, there are not a lot of companies that do what we do. Our clients work with us because of who we are and why we work in eLearning. At Remote Learner we are minds and makers — with extensive experience and unsurpassed technical expertise. It’s more than just our work life, it’s our life’s work. Remote Learner is proud to be a Learning Pool Company.

Our Values

To unlock the potential of technology to improve lives through learning.


Above all else


We’re driven by the why


Staying passionate about what we do


Giving back with our time and talents


Giving clients the best of us


Making a positive impact in the lives we touch


Clear, complete, consistent, and continuous

Lifelong Learning

Staying relevant in an ever-changing marketplace

Our Leadership

Page Chen PhD., Chief Executive Officer, Wonder Woman

An accomplished writer, speaker, and consultant on creating “persuasive” learning environments that support the goals and objectives of organizations and learners.


Ron Olsen, President, Client Advocate, Cat Herder

A lifelong entrepreneur with a deep curiosity for learning what drives successful teams. And an avid adventurer who thrives in his nomadic lifestyle.


Our Team

Our teams work across North America and possess countless skills. We take pride in being multifaceted thinkers and builders, with the ability to deliver across a wide range of technologies. Our team members come from the markets we serve, increasing our ability to provide digital learning environments that make an impact.

Our Impact

Truly having an impact requires that we understand, at a fundamental level, what drives an organization and what that organization is trying to achieve. Whether working with clients, partners, or members of the communities we serve, our team is passionate in pursuit of that understanding. This is how we deliver meaningful, effective solutions.


Join Our Team

We bring together the best technical and creative expertise to design, configure, launch and measure the ongoing success of every finely tailored digital learning solution.