Announcing the Release of Totara Learn 12

By March 26, 2019 June 11th, 2019 No Comments

Remote Learner is pleased to announce that Totara Learn 12 is now available to our clients. Our development team has carefully reviewed the release for security, stability, and compatibility with the integrated plugins used by our clients and we are excited to share it. To upgrade your Totara Site to Totara Learn 12, contact our Support Team.

Totara Learn is Remote Learner’s enterprise solution for academic institutions and organizations in need of multi-course curriculums and complex user organization systems. Originally built on the core Moodle™ code, Totara Learn adds a layer of administrative and course functions. This makes it ideal for delivering learning through individual learning plans that reflect roles, needs, and objectives. It is open source, highly flexible and brings powerful freedoms to digital learning.

Totara Learn 12 marks a return to Totara’s standard annual release schedule following the May, 2018 release of Totara 11, a special interim release designed to support users in their pursuit of GDPR compliance. The elements of Totara Learn 12 that touch on data privacy carry over unchanged from Totara Learn 11.

Totara Learn 12 includes major changes to the look and feel of Totara Learn, including block layout and display options, a new course catalogue design option, front page and navigation improvements, and a new Site Administration menu.  It also includes a new native content marketplace designed in collaboration with new partner GO1. To learn more about GO1 and how to leverage it,, contact your Account Manager.

Other features in Totara Learn 12 that we’re excited about include the ability to restrict access based on time since completing (or not completing) another activity to stagger learners’ journeys and allowing for each HR Import element to have its own settings and scheduling.

We are excited to get started incorporating all these great features on your site. Schedule your upgrade to Totara Learn 11 today by contacting your account manager or our support team

Be sure to check out Learning Spaces, too. Training modules are available and an archived webinar on Totara Learn 12 is available here. If you have a Learning Spaces account, be sure to update your profile through the user menu in the upper right corner of the screen by selecting “Totara Learn 12” as one of your Preferred LMS Versions in order to gain access to the new materials.