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ATD 2019: Starting New Conversations

By May 29, 2019March 3rd, 2020No Comments

ATD is among the premiere events for talent development professionals worldwide. It draws incredible thinkers and proven contributors from all industries participating in this ever-changing field. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain for you:

As an organization that attends and exhibits at several conferences a year, Remote Learner tries to standardize as much of the participation process for these logistics-heavy events as we can. That means a lot of spreadsheets – shipping information, hotel information, session information, and more. After awhile, you start to get the hang of it and the conference process feels pretty normal.

But ATD 2019 was not a normal conference, not for Remote Learner.

A spreadsheet can’t easily capture what it means to celebrate new branding, an exciting merger, and a great partnership all at one conference (and we didn’t even mention Oprah’s keynote). But that’s exactly what we did at ATD. And while we were very pleased with the response to all of our exciting news, we were even more pleased with the new conversations, questions, and insights that our participation prompted from everyone that we spoke to.

All in attendance at ATD are insightful, perceptive, and well-versed, so it was exciting to see so many eyes light up when describing how our logo represents the work we put into “connecting the dots” or the ideas generated when an attendee learned of the eCommerce and integration capabilities we’ve added as a result of our merger with Envisiontel. The conversations we had at ATD about all that’s new at Remote Learner revealed many new opportunities we look forward to exploring.

Another aspect of conferences we love exploring is the opportunity to learn from such accomplished professionals, attendees and presenters alike. Courtney Berg, COO of Remote Learner, was particularly struck by one concept put forth by author Kevin Kruse. Kruse suggested that we should do away with our open door policy in favor of holding office hours where direct reports can talk to you. In that way, you control interruptions, provide a time for direct conversation, and allow more time to actually do the work that is required by your job. Most importantly, there is time for creativity and planning, which is often postponed when schedules are full. These kinds of insights were not in short supply at ATD.

We’re excited to continue the conversation at more events throughout the rest of 2019. Among the events we have scheduled are the HR Florida conference in August and the Colorado SHRM conference in October. Courtney Berg will be presenting at HRPBC in June and Dr. Page Chen will be presenting at TechLearn in September. Do you have an event, large or small, where we could join the conversation? We often co-present with our clients at events – we are happy to assist our clients in achieving their goals, and are always willing to shout it from the rooftops with them in celebration of our shared success. We look forward to talking more about it all at our next event – see you there.