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By January 27, 2020 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

At Remote Learner, we work hard to make sure that the implementation of all aspects of a client site is clear, purposeful, and comprehensive. And as learning professionals get acclimated to their environment, many of the functionalities they use in day-to-day life become second nature. But if you step back for a moment to survey all that the environment does and is capable of doing, its complexity and sophistication become undeniable. The nuances involved can make it confusing to know where to go for help.

To make the question of “Where do I go if ______?” easier to answer in the months following implementation, Remote Learner offers its clients a series of well-defined avenues:

  • The Remote Learner Support Team
  • Learning Spaces
  • Hours

In today’s blog, we’ll dig deeper into each of them.

Q: Where do I go if something isn’t working?

A: The Remote Learner Support Team.

If something is broken, if your site needs maintenance, or if something isn’t working the way you expect it to, our support team is ready to help 24/7.

To start communications with the support team, submit your issue through the Client Success Center. Here is a blog about the information support needs to address your problem quickly and efficiently.

Q: Where do I go if I want to learn something new?

A: Learning Spaces.

Learning Spaces is the source for an ever-growing library of site administration and course development training materials, documentation, and webinars. Featuring in-depth resources on best practices and new features, Learning Spaces ensures that instructional designers and administrators stay on the cutting edge of online instructional design and site management.
All of our clients can register up to 20 free accounts on the site to provide your staff with access to all self-serve materials, as well as our monitored training forum and twice-weekly virtual office hours.

For greater organizational training needs, Remote Learner’s training team can also be contracted to create customized online or onsite training sessions to help your team achieve your specific instructional goals.

Q: Where do I go if I need additional capacity and consultation?

A: Hours.

Remote Learner offers service hours that can be used to not only provide ongoing support for continued solution development and management after implementation but also for other as-needed-services such as instructional design, site administration support, custom development, customized virtual training sessions and more. Utilizing these hours options will allow the right services to be provided to meet the evolving needs of your organization. Hours can be used in two different ways:

  1. Managed Services Hours. Loosely scoped to support smaller tasks.
  2. Scoped Project Hours with a named project manager.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you might best put these hours to use, contact your Account Manager.