Bigger Ideas. Smarter Training. Greater Impact. What Does That Mean for You?

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by Dr. Page Chen, President and Chief Innovation Officer

Remote Learner recently unveiled a new brand identity. Our refreshed look is an acknowledgement of the evolution of our company, which has grown in its expertise, tools, partnerships, and global impact.

New branding is exciting. You can’t help but to think about applying the refreshed color palate and an updated logo to new company swag or how it’s going to look on a website. For us, though, our new branding is about a lot more than a logo and colors. At the heart of this rebrand is our new tagline: Bigger Ideas. Smarter Training. Greater Impact.

As we debut our new branding, I thought I’d offer up a few thoughts on what this tagline means to us and, more importantly, what it means for you.

Bigger Ideas.

Organizations have a vision for their digital training program. That vision is illuminated by careful strategic planning and, sometimes, flashes of inspiration for how to make that vision a reality. When you have a vision or one of those flashes of inspiration, you should never have to be worried about your LMS limiting your ability to pursue it.  

At Remote Learner, we love big ideas and we thrive on helping you making them happen. It’s one of the big reasons why we’re such strong proponents of open source technology: not only do our open technologies give us the flexibility to tailor your solution to your needs, they also open up limitless possibilities for how to evolve your solution in step with your vision. So bring us your ideas. The bigger the better.

We have big ideas, too: ideas about how to expand our ability to deliver high-quality solutions and expertise for specific learning and development challenges. This week, Remote Learner announced a merger of Envisiontel into its operation. With a long track record of providing successful eCommerce solutions and cloud integrations, we are excited for the additional capabilities that Envisiontel brings to our offerings.

Smarter Training.

We have all come to realize that the LMS alone isn’t enough to deliver the results originally envisioned for digital learning. Success requires a sophisticated ecosystem of tools and services that must be assembled and deployed consistent with well-defined goals and parameters. Questions like “Is it working?” are quickly replaced with questions like “Am I using it well?” and “Am we achieving the results we are looking for?”

We believe that a critical part of delivering smarter training is good design. That means more than making a site attractive. It means sending the right message to the right people at the right time to persuade the right behavior. I spent a decade researching and testing how persuasive design techniques can be aligned to proven instructional design strategies and user experience methodology to develop our own proven set of Persuasive Design Strategies (PDS). We apply that work to client environments to design the ultimate learner experience (LX).

We aspire to provide smarter training of our own, as well. Central to that effort has been our online training site called Learning Spaces. Learning Spaces is a collection of training programs, documentation, webinars, and other assets focused on helping you to deliver smarter training.

Greater Impact.

Ultimately, this is what it’s all about. It’s what motivates all learning professionals, including us. Whether it’s employee training, continuing education, for-sale training, or any other type of learning, the goal is to positively impact the lives of learners in a measurable way. Key word “measurable”.

We believe that, to create that impact, it takes more than dropping off a set of tools at your doorstep. Truly having an impact requires that we understand, at a fundamental level, what drives your organization and what you are trying to achieve. Whether working with clients, partners, or members of the communities we serve, our team is passionate in pursuit of that understanding. This is how we deliver meaningful, effective solutions.

The only thing we care about as much as the design of the learner experience (LX) is the design of the data experience (DX). To paraphrase Dr. Edwards Deming, legendary statistician and author, “if you can measure it why wouldn’t you, especially if it can help you manage it.”

That’s why we have, and will continue to invest in, a team of experts, from both in and out of the industry, who diversify our experiences and perspectives. Our clients count on our experts for implementation and ongoing support. In other words, they look to us to help them connect the dots.

You can read more about our refreshed brand here. We are very excited to take our new look out into the world and talk to people about the great work we’re doing. We’ll be at ATD 2019 in Washington, D.C. this week, May 19-22. If you’re planning on being there, drop by booth 745 to see our new brand up close and visit us at the Totara™ Village at booth 1119 to attend one of the many seminars presented by our team.