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Break Down Information Silos and Take Control of Your Data With Integration Manager

By November 6, 2019March 3rd, 2020No Comments

In addition to our active support of the open-source community, which includes maintaining 40 open-source plugins, Remote Learner is also developing a growing number of tools exclusive to our clients. One RL Exclusive that clients have found to be not only useful but an irreplaceable part of their daily routine is the RL Toolkit.

The RL Toolkit is actually centered around three distinct plugins: Site Dashboard, Add-On Manager, and BackTrack. Individually and collectively, these tools give site administrators both the high-level status of their site and the simple, intuitive functionality needed to act on the insights that view provides:

  • Site Dashboard: a dashboard that provides easy access to support cases, training webinars and other courses, site usage reports, product updates and announcements, and more.
  • Add-On Manager: a one-stop, self-service tool that gives site admins the ability to quickly install any of the hundreds of plugins vetted by the Remote Learner team of experts.
  • BackTrack: a tool that fulfills the dream of turning back the clock to correct a mistake. This tool allows site admins to quickly create fully functional copies of their LMS site based on designated archives. BackTrack provides security for LMS data and allows you to generate reports and analytics in peak hours without impacting the performance of your LMS.


Today, we are proud to share that the list of tools available in RL Toolkit plugins is growing by one.

Introducing Integration Manager

Integration Manager is a centralized location from which site administrators can manage custom integrations between their Remote Learner LMS and third-party systems such as a CRM or SIS, including the scheduling and flow of data. Integration Manager’s innovative and intuitive design efficiently allows for high-quality, easy-to-manage integrations that are built to client specifications.

With Integration Manager, site administrators will:

  • Save time.
  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies.
  • Gain new visibility into their data.

Put an end to the struggle of managing data across multiple platforms. With Integration Manager, you can break down information silos and take control of your data.

Getting Started

To add Integration Manager to your site, contact Remote Learner here or reach out to your Remote

Learner account manager. Our expert team will work with you to scope and design your desired integration or integrations: Integration Manager can store as many integrations as you need.

Once your integrations are established, you’ll be able to manage them completely independently inside of Integration Manager, aided by robust training and documentation from Remote Learner.



Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about Integration Manager, please join us for a webinar on Wednesday, November 13th. In this webinar, we’ll review Integration Manager’s functionality, detail the process of building sub-plugins, and put a spotlight on all the ways in which this exciting new solution from Remote Learner can help your organization to break down information silos and take control of your learner data.