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Building Partnerships at the NC3ADL Conference

By October 31, 2017March 3rd, 2020No Comments

The Remote Learner team was thrilled to join our friends in the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) in Cary, North Carolina for the bi-annual North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning (NC3ADL) Conference this October. The goal of NC3ADL is to foster a distance learning community that promotes networking, sharing of best practices, and communication of distance learning issues across the North Carolina Community College System.

Remote Learner maintains the Digital Learning Environment for roughly half of NCCCS, including the system office, so the conference was a great opportunity to connect with our partners in sessions, over a meal, or with a glass raised.

Over the two day event, our team had the opportunity to present on a wide range of topics — from best practices in online course design, and micro-learning in professional development, to effectively mapping learning goals to LMS functionality. We were pleased with the response we received but even more impressed with the thoughtfulness of the insights provided by the attendees.In fact, the thing we like best about presenting at events like this one is not speaking — it’s listening. Remote Learner’s goal is to help our clients make an impact through learning. Conferences are a great opportunity to understand the problems our clients are trying to solve and the goals they are trying to reach so that we can make sure our solutions are aligned.

To underline this point, we had two sessions at NC3ADL that turned into mini-focus groups. In both cases, we received excellent feedback from attendees on what they liked about the project, what they didn’t like, and ways we could add to it that would increase its usefulness. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this feedback to our development team so that we can ensure these new releases are as helpful for our clients as possible.

Great partnerships aren’t just about mutually agreeable transactions or an alignment of needs and functionality —it’s also about just showing up. A great partnership requires that you look each other in the eye from time to time and really understand one another. We’re grateful to NCCCS and NC3ADL for the opportunity to do that and we hope they benefited from hearing from us as well.