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Golden Gate University moves from eCollege to Remote Learner

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Golden Gate University (GGU) previously partnered with eCollege for over six years for its e-learning needs. Before that, GGU used two different e-learning systems; both of those businesses failed. At the time, the school decides to make a change, and the Director of eLearning reviewed multiple companies, including Remote Learner. GGU considered many options but “Remote Learner received the highest satisfaction rating from the references, so we decided to go with them,” said Kate Hance, an Instructional eLearning Designer, at GGU. The school formed a close relationship with Remote Learner at the end of August in 2010.

The Situation

A Difficult Transition
GGU faced a difficult task in moving off of its previous LMS and onto Moodle™, the open source LMS hosted by Remote Learner. The previous LMS had its own proprietary system which left GGU with few choices in a format for content. The school needed a way to convert and move all its current content to the new system.

Could Not Fulfill Media Requests
GGU used a video server, but it constantly faced the risk of running out of space. Instructors grew frustrated with the process of posting a video and FTP-ing. Requests are completed internally on the administrative side of the learning department; the IT department could not support this many media requests. Also, GGU previously used Flash, which caused major problems with some mobile devices.

The Solution

Migration for Transition
GGU administrators downloaded all of their course content in SCORM format, which was about 60% accurate, and Remote Learner built a Migration tool for GGU to convert that SCORM material into Moodle™. After that, GGU instructors went through and reformatted it to add back anything previously lost.

Ongoing Custom Development
Moving to Moodle™ meant GGU took more control over its design and customization needs, a perk the institution badly desired. Instructors and technicians got to pick what they wanted and benefit from other options that were available within the Moodle™ community. The school’s previous eLearning system was one-size-fits-all.

Kaltura Media Solutions
GGU struggled to solve media workflow and capacity issues within a scalable infrastructure. Luckily, a GGU executive, Doug Geier found Kaltura, Remote Learner’s video cloud partner, at a conference a decade ago. Kaltura’s mobile capability immediately caught his attention. The Moodle™ integration synergized GGU’s needs and Katura’s functionalities.

The Outcome

Scalable Growth
When GGU first joined Remote Learner, it hosted Moodle™ version 1.9, and there were fewer features than their previous LMS. All that functionality returned exponentially as Moodle™ customers go through each Moodle™ upgrade. “I think everybody’s really happy with it now,” said Hance. GGU has since implemented multiple plugins that weren’t even possible on the previous e-learning system.

Media Evolution
Since joining Remote Learner, instructors’ use of videos in classes significantly increased due to the smooth integration. Faculty members can now add their own videos to a course instead of having to jump multiple hurdles to get Internet video courses.

Reliable Online Element
As of December 2015, about 90% of the courses at GGU have some online component to them, especially in the eLearning Department.