Corporate Tool Suite

Every Remote-Learner Learning Management Solution comes with a tool belt of tools to customize and manage your training environment through a unique library of plugins & app’s and an intuitive administrator hub.

Update Manager

Take the guesswork out of core software updates.  The Update Manager notifies you of available updates and allows you control of the update schedule.

BackTrack Recovery

Automatically capture and store snapshots of your LMS data.

Plugin and App’s Manager

Install, update, and remove validated and safe LMS plugins for your training environment. Receive notifications for plugins and app’s that need updates.

ELIS DataHub

Automate import and export of user, course catalog, courses, and enrollment data from or to an external system via the ELIS Datahub.

Advanced Reporting

Define, schedule, and distribute reports on class, course, or training curriculum progress to managers, trainers, and trainees.

Productivity Software Suite Integration

Allow users access from your Microsoft Enterprise Environment via Single-Sign-On.  Access Sharepoint files from your LMS, automatically receive calendar synchs, and create and respond to OneNote Assignments.