Remote Learner Exclusives – Created For Clients

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Remote Learner is always happy to tout the benefits of an open source learning solution. An open source solution is more flexible, configurable, and customizable than proprietary alternatives. An open source solution also comes with access to a community of users and developers committed to making the technology as good as it can be. One way community members contribute to open source solutions is through the development of plugins that extend core functionality.

Remote Learner has a long history of plugin development, maintaining 40 plugins in the community, including our popular Altitude theme. There are instances, however, when a plugin can’t be shared with the community at large. While their value is universal, their functionality is inextricably linked to the hosted infrastructure we use to support our clients. This makes these dependent plugins exclusive to our clients. One RL Exclusive that clients have found to be not only useful but an irreplaceable part of their daily routine is the RL Toolkit.

The Value of RL Toolkit

The RL Toolkit is actually made up of three distinct plugins: Site Dashboard, Add-On Manager, and BackTrack. Individually and collectively, these tools give site administrators both the high-level status of their site and the simple, intuitive functionality needed to act on the insights that view provides:

  • Site Dashboard: a dashboard that provides easy access to support cases, training webinars and other courses, site usage reports, product updates and announcements, and more.
  • Add-On Manager: a one-stop, self-service tool that gives site admins the ability to quickly install any of the hundreds of plugins vetted by the Remote Learner team of experts.
  • BackTrack: a tool that fulfills the dream of turning back the clock to correct a mistake. This tool allows site admins to quickly create fully functional copies of their LMS site based on designated archives. BackTrack provides security for LMS data and allows you  to generate reports and analytics in peak hours without impacting the performance of your LMS.

As with all our development efforts, the research and design phase of creating the RL Toolkit plugins was done in close collaboration with our clients. We believe prioritizing the input of educators who understand real world requirements is the best way to ensure that a plugin is a success. In addition to the technical dependencies, seeing their input directly translated into features and functionalities gives our clients a sense of ownership over the RL Exclusives. When we say that Remote Learner wants to be your partner and not your vendor, this is an example of what we mean: what belongs to us also belongs to our clients. We’re successful only when our clients are making an impact and RL Exclusives reflect our commitment to the collaboration that requires.

And that collaboration never stops. Look for major improvements to the Add-On Manager coming soon!