How Remote Learner Protects Your Data

By March 7, 2018 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

By Dakota Duff,  Director of Strategic Technology

When you imagine an event  that could take your site offline, perhaps you envision a server in a data center engulfed in the flames of an electric fire or inundated by floodwaters.

While these scenarios are not out of the range of possibility, data centers are purposefully designed, built, and located to minimize these types of risks. In my nearly ten years with Remote Learner, the most common disasters I’ve encountered are human-created: data removal or accidental modification. Remote Learner has designed our hosting to handle either type of disaster.

When it comes to your site’s hosting, nothing is more important than the data itself. All of our hosting encrypts your data at rest and replicates the data itself within the data center, keeping your site online even if one of the storage components fail. We also create regular snapshots (illustrated below) which ensure less than an hour’s worth of data would be lost in the event of a localized catastrophe.

Human-created disasters are much more difficult to prevent, as they are often caused by a user taking action that they do need the permissions to perform, like deleting a course, but performing the action on the wrong item or earlier than they should have.

Recent versions of the applications we host feature a “recycle bin” which allows retrieval of course elements that have mistakenly been deleted. But sometimes the mistake may not be recognized in time for retrieval from the recycle bin, and sometimes the change to data is of a nature that the recycle bin does not capture. When this occurs we can use the same snapshot method used to prevent data loss from major catastrophes to restore a prior version of your site and extract the data from this site copy. Your account manager can provide you with our Hosting and Services Policy for details on the schedule and retention period of these backups.

Remote Learner also offers BackTrack Recovery, our in-house solution for data recovery. BackTrack provides clients self-service backup retrieval and long term data storage.  Through Backtrack, site administrators have on-demand access to nightly server snapshots which can be restored in their entirety to a virtual server. For more information on getting BackTrack to work for you, talk to your account manager.

We hope the availability of reliable backups of your data helps you rest easier knowing that your data can survive disasters, be they caused by Mother Nature or a mouse click!

Additional details on disaster recovery may be found in our Disaster Recovery Policy document. Please contact your Account Manager if you have special data replication requirements or need to test the functionality of our backup system.