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FARO Goes Virtual…and Back

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Remote Learner partners with organizations big and small, local and international, and with all manner of use cases to deliver their vision for learning. Over two decades in the business, the team has seen just about everything when it comes to LMS training and learning. Sometimes, though, you just have to get up close and personal to really connect all the dots.

Such was the case when Remote Learner Client Services Manager Shelly McCollum and Account Manager Nick Vollten visited FARO’s Florida headquarters in Spring of 2020. FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technology. The company develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, engineering and public safety.

Given the sophisticated nature of the products they sell, FARO hosts their training in-person, with the LMS largely serving to facilitate basic administration and pre-course study intended to maximize in-person training time. Accomplishing this is a remarkable feat in and of itself, as FARO is a truly global company with more than 1,400 employees and offices in over 25 countries.

The onsite visit proved to be well-worth it for all involved – just not entirely in the way that anyone expected. As with any good consultation, McCollum and Vollten left having identified opportunities for immediate improvement as well as a vision for the long haul. A month later, however, the COVID-19 pandemic hit all corners of the globe and the third component of a good consultative relationship came into play: what happens when plans change?

Increasing Workflow Efficiency

After spending some time learning about FARO’s training program and the role of the LMS inside of it, McCollum was able to quickly identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the workflows. “The LMS has so many functionalities that can easily go underutilized,” said McCollum. “From surveys to quizzing to attendance tracking, we were able to make suggestions that saved FARO time, money, and effort.”

A particular point of emphasis was addressing FARO’s eCommerce capabilities and use of Salesforce. Remote Learner was not only able to improve FARO’s salesforce automation, they configured an eCommerce solution that allowed for subscription access to a FARO’s wealth of training resources as well. It was here that FARO saw a particularly exciting impact: thousands of people registered for subscription access within hours.

A Pivot To Distance Learning

With these wins in hand, FARO turned its attention to their vision for the future of their online training, which centered on a better online experience and a more seamless connection to their in-person training. Remote Learner was ready to help. And then….

Like so many others, FARO’s plans were turned upside by the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, FARO vision for an enhanced blended learning model had to pivot to a fully online one for learners all over the world. When FARO explained the various virtual conferencing software they were exploring, McCollum had another idea: do it in the LMS. “By leveraging the Seminars functionality in FARO’s LMS, we were able to accomplish all of their virtual conferencing goals at a fraction of the cost that FARO was being quoted by third parties.”

In addition to helping to bring virtual conferencing to life, FARO used Managed Services Hours to employ Remote Learner’s administrative services such as site maintenance, reporting, and more to keep their training program running efficiently and effectively.

Looking To The Future

Recently, as COVID-19 vaccination rates have increased optimism around a return to something like normal, FARO has seen a recent uptick in registrations for in-person training. In turn, they are ready to revisit their original vision for learning. This includes the ability to present their custom theme in eight different languages and enhancing their programs and questionnaires. Remote Learner is ready to help – wherever the road leads us.

Remote Learner thanks FARO for its partnership and commend them on their successful transition to online learning (and back!) during unprecedented circumstances. We look forward to years more of making an impact together.