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Five Cool LMS Communications Plugins

By November 14, 2019March 3rd, 2020No Comments
by Kristin Isler, Product Development Coordinator

Communication is one of the most important aspects of online learning. Many activity modules are designed to utilize social collaborative learning strategies and include support for various methods of communication. The quiz module can email an instructor when a learner submits a quiz. The feedback option in several modules, including the assignment module and the quiz module, allows an Instructor to communicate with the learner.

But what about an outside activity or a course? There are additional plugins available that make communication easier for administrators, instructors, and learners. These are some of the top plugins to increase communication on your Remote Learner site:

Moodle Welcome – Administration to New Users

The Moodle Welcome plugin allows the administration to set up a message that will automatically be sent to all new user accounts. This is a great way to send information about your site to new users including where to begin, featured courses, or even who to contact if they have questions. The plugin will send messages to accounts that are manually created, self-registered, or authenticated through standard authentication systems.

BigBlueButtonBN  – Instructor to Learner/Learner to Instructor

Although forums are a good way to add asynchronous discussions, the BigBlueButton activity plugin is a favorite for sites needing a web conferencing system. With this activity, instructors can share slides, audio, chat, and desktops in real-time. It’s a great way to bring participants together for a synchronous discussion or have a question-answer session with the instructor.

Auto-Enrollment – Administrator/Instructor to Learner

Auto-enrollment of users based on their actions is a great way to make sure users have automatic access to the courses they need. This plugin will automatically send a message letting users know they have been enrolled. The message can be customized for each enrollment and could include information about the new enrollment and why they have been enrolled in the new course.

Re-engagement – Instructor to Learner

The Reengagement plugin is definitely going to be a favorite for Instructors. This plugin lets you schedule an email to be sent to learners if a specific time has passed since they enrolled in the course or completed an activity. Not only will this help remind learners to complete their activities but it helps to bring inactive users back to the site.

Recognition Block – Learner to Social Media

One form of communication that is sometimes overlooked is the communication from the learner to their outside network. The Recognition Block (Remote Learner exclusive) allows users to send communication via social media that they have earned a badge or completed a certificate. Giving users this ability allows them to communicate to others that they have completed courses on your site and gained specific skills and knowledge.