DENVER, COLORADO December 5, 2016 — Remote-Learner, a leading provider of e-Learning solutions for the corporate, education and government markets, has released their new Altitude theme to the Moodle™ Community (M2.7-3.1).

Altitude was created to improve the user experience at both the course and the site levels by adding features that make navigation simple, intuitive, and accessible. It significantly updates the appearance and functionality of a base Moodle™ installation, bringing it in line with current standards of mobile access and user expectations.

Page Chen, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Remote-Learner, said Altitude was both a significant update to the way users interact with Moodle™ and an expression of Remote-Learner’s philosophy of training.

“At the core of Altitude is the desire to improve the Learner Experience (LX) throughout the site. Our approach is based in proven Persuasive Design Strategies (PDS) that reduce cognitive overload and increase engagement by placing triggers in the path of motivated learners. We accomplish this through the use of customizable settings that are built to optimize many aspects of the user interface,” said Chen.

The release and the dedication to this philosophy of instructional design has already garnered praise from the e-Learning industry.

“Denver’s Remote-Learner is showcasing its visual customization for Moodle. Dubbed Altitude, is part of their quest on the importance of user experience in learning,” reads an early review on MoodleNews. “It is refreshing to witness such a clearly defined mission that is also evidence-based.”

Wilson Community College successfully introduced Altitude on their site to their entire student body of approximately 2,100 students in August 2016. Staff say the experience has been uniformly positive.

“I love the Altitude theme, and so do our faculty and students. It was easy to setup and customize and is exactly the look I wanted our Moodle site to have,” said Angela Herring, Director of Distance Learning at Wilson.

Altitude’s most anticipated feature is the addition of a sliding block area panel. This hidden panel feature makes navigation easier and allows users to focus on the important content on the page or course.

New feature benefits include:

  • Action Block: Gives users quick access to important internal site pages or external resources.
  • My Course Menu: Offers easy navigation between a user’s own courses.
  • Site Alerts: Keeps users informed of course and site news according to the priority of the site alert to the organization
  • Course Layouts: Enhanced clean modern design layout to simplify user navigation both within courses and between courses. Two courses have currently been enhanced, with additional course layouts to be enhanced with the same clean design method.

“I’m proud to release a quality offering like Altitude to the Moodle™ and Totara™ communities, with the opportunity to improve the overall effectiveness of all learning environments built on these platforms,” said Ron Olsen, Remote-Learner CEO.  “Altitude is the product of strong collaborations between our exceptional internal teams and our clients, and its open release demonstrates our continued commitment to the members of these communities.”  

Remote-Learner has begun testing Altitude for Moodle™ 3.2 and will also have Altitude ready for Totara™ 2.9 and Totara 9 in coming weeks.

Learn more about Altitude:

Visit our website:

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Access the theme source code:

About Remote-Learner

Since 2002, Remote-Learner has focused on open source technologies as the foundation of transformative learning environments. Expanding from its origins as a hosting and support provider for Moodle™ , the world’s most widely used open source learning management system, Remote-Learner today serves its clients with expertise that also includes e-Learning solution development, instructional design, and site design that utilizes our Persuasive Design Strategies, as well as system integrations and program administration services. Across North America, Remote-Learner’s clients include large and small corporations, K-12 schools and districts, two-year and four-year colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies who are achieving their unique strategic objectives while serving millions of users.

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