About Us

We create digital learning environments that are engaging and dependable, with each detail conceived from a sense of purpose and an understanding of our client's needs.


There are a lot of companies that do what we do. They share the same what and aspects of the how, but our clients work with us for our why and our who. We are minds and makers with eLearning experience and technical talents, set out to connect people with what matters most — the experience. And we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the digital learning ecosystem.

Our Values

  • Curiosity We’re driven by the why.
  • Passion Staying passionate about what we get to do each day is contagious.
  • Impact Like a pebble in a pond – small or larger making a positive impact in all we do to improve the lives of our clients, co-works, partners, and our communities drives us.
  • Integrity Above all else.
  • Communication Clear, complete, consistent, and continuous communication is the key to all relationships.
  • Life Long Learning Life long learning, closing skills gaps and staying relevant in an ever changing marketplace. One of the best gifts a company can give its employees is the gift of skill development and access to career advancement.

RL Giving

We believe real innovation isn’t just about ‘good products’ or ‘great design’ – it’s about intelligent thinking that solves problems, innovates, challenges assumptions, imagines, explores and makes an impact. To think ‘beyond digital learning’, working together to create places that transform the way people live, work and learn, for the better.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

-Jackie Robinson

Our Team

We bring together the best technical and creative expertise to explore, configure, launch and measure the ongoing success of every finely tailored digital learning solution.

Pieter Van Hiel
Technical Writer, Content Marketer

Pieter with the product team to write blog posts, craft videos and document our software. He has a background in journalism and instructional design. Pieter has a large collection of weird cameras and develops film in his kitchen sink.

Andrea Brevard
Instructional Designer

I have been an Instructional Designer with Remote-Learner since 2009. Before joining the Learning Services team, I was a middle school English teacher. I have a sweet husband and two young sons who give many laughs and a bit of craziness that inspire creativity.

Karen Lee
Human Resources Director

First and foremost I care about people. I am privileged to work with our staff concerning benefits, payroll, retirement, and all matters HR. I love my job and I love our people!

Lauri Harrison
Sr. Product Manager

Completely fueled by caffeine, I solve problems worth solving and deliver experiences that transform.

Brandon Judy
Accounting Manager

CPA with 7 years professional experience. Also, a lover of my family and hockey. World renowned GIF finder.

Dr. Laurie Korte
Solutions Architect

Laurie Korte is an eLearning professional and performance-minded expert, focused on helping others strategically reach solutions. She turns wishes and dreams into realities and doesn’t seem to think anything is impossible.

Geoff Horsfall
Product Manager

Geoff has spent his entire career in education and enjoys the challenge of finding creative solutions to difficult problems. He still holds out hope for becoming an iconic rock star.

Heather Williams
Escalation Manager

Jack of all trades, master of sarcasm. I’m on level 2263 of Candy Crush. I don't like writing bios. Go read Kyle Armstrong's bio.

Amy Groshek
Solutions Developer

Amy Groshek works as a developer for Remote-Learner, specializing in front-end development, learning interactions, JavaScript, and SCORM. Amy holds a BS in Botany and an MFA in Creative Writing. She is currently a graduate student in the PhD program in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin.

Cyndi Bishop, M.Ed
Premier Case Manager

Lifelong learner and and educator. Whether serving clients or serving students, it's all the same. Enjoys serving her daughters as well as they are the biggest accomplishment.

Christy Jones
Contract Manager

Lifelong learner with a passion for helping others while at work or play. Wife, mom, Operation Christmas Child volunteer, bookworm, baker, navigator, and rodeo coach. Life is full of fun and adventure in rural Florida.

Derek Henderson
Systems Developer

Developer and life long adventure seeker. The best part of my job is when I can develop something for a customer that's simple, but saves them a lot of time (even if it’s something they hadn’t initially considered).

Jaime Ade
Sales Manager and Rosarian

Cultivator of Client Relationships and Roses…Committed to nourishing client relationships that improve lives through better technology. Striving to ensure the best online learning environments for our client’s growth and prosperity. And often found after hours tending her roses and feeding pollinators.

Jesse Stilwell
Client Support Engineer

A lifelong nerd that is approachable and friendly, I’m forever in pursuit of knowledge, toys that make me feel guilty about how much they cost, and great Netflix recommendations. I also enjoy a pun - the dumber the better.

Ryan Spears
Solutions Architect

Ryan Spears joined Remote Learner in early 2014 as an E-Learning Administrator. He is currently a Solution Architect focusing on scoping, implementation, and ongoing consulting. Ryan has a degree in physics and a masters in the field of organizational training & development.

Shelly McCollum
Training Services Manager

A teacher at heart, with two decades of classroom and educational technology experience. Happily shares her office with her faithful dog, Zeke!

Ron Olsen
CEO, Client Advocate, Cat Herder

A lifelong entrepreneur with a deep curiosity for learning what drives successful teams. And an avid adventurer who thrives in his nomadic lifestyle.

Lisa Ng
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

An eternally curious, avid adventurer — I love learning new things and figuring out stuff works. Excited to be part of a company that enables learning opportunities for others.

Shawn Starr
Platform Operations Engineer

I have worked in various Open Source communities and enjoyed contributing along the way. For me, bettering Open Source software opens more doors, invites collaboration and gives back to the world in one small way.

Sandy Shirgaokar
Events Guru

Conference Manager aka The Handler...Making Remote-Learner unforgettable one conference at a time.

Rich Lewis
Training Specialist

Degreed electrical engineer from the University of Oklahoma, who taught in public schools for 13 years and has been involved in online learning since 2006. Avid player of games – video and board alike – who believes that “to game is to learn”. Oh, and a huge Star Wars fan (“May the force be with you, always…”).

Robin Ramsey
Certified Contract Manager, Life-long learner, Mama Bear

Dedicated to the details and continuous improvement. Faith, family, and football on the forefront.

Page Chen, PhD
President, Chief Innovation officer...and possibly Wonder Woman

Passionate about ensuring all our solutions are strategically designed to ensure that they produce the impact our clients seek. And totally obsessed with Albert Einstein...Even her son’s initials are EMC.

Marcie Ramirez
Salesforce Administrator

I am a Certified Salesforce Administrator, and enjoy working in the fast paced world of the tech industry. Although I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, my favorite place to be is the beach (and Disneyland!).

Kimberly King
Solutions Architect, Geek, and Comic Relief

A tech-savvy team player who loves working with our brilliant crew to collaborate, design, build and implement successful solutions with our clients. And a North Carolina native sports enthusiast who loves relaxing on the eastern Carolina coast, and spending time with family and friends.

Kellie Brown
Controller, CPA

The overseer of the Company’s finance and accounting team, she is passionate about professional growth, continued learning, and finding ways to improve in all aspects of her role. And…suffers from a never ending case of the travel bug with classic over thinker tendencies (as evidenced by this bio that has taken her hours to write).

Janet Churchward
Account Manager

I feel like mothering my three sons has extended to my clients - I feel very protective and need to ensure my clients are happy and well taken care of.

Frank Fucile
Solutions Architect

Early adopter of online learning and working within the field of education has participated in many exciting new educational technology projects at the secondary, post-secondary, non-profit, and corporate sector. Working hard to support a serious "fly-fishing" habit!

Eric Bjella
Solutions Development Team Lead

A developer who always tries to understand the hopes and dreams of a project, and ask the right questions to get to the best solution. A mountain adventure seeker when not writing code.

Debbie Dessent
Finance Manager

As Finance Manager, my days are made when we receive customer payments. And when I’m not checking RL’s bank accounts, I enjoy shopping for bargains and saving money. When buying, it’s more about what you save than what you spend, in my opinion. Yes, that’s what makes me a great finance manager.

David Ta
Training Specialist

David hails from the great plains of the United States – specifically Kansas City. He went to all sorts of “Harvards of the Midwest” where he earned his bachelors and master’s degrees. He worked with many people in different fields and industry to develop and deliver learning solutions that combines sound learning theory with web aesthetics.

Darin Destine
Solutions Architect

Passionate about interactive media, eLearning and crafting solutions to problems (that are often not in plain site). When I'm not pondering interesting LMS solutions, I'm enjoying biking, photography, and boondocking to find a natural “room with a view” in my RV.

Brent Boghosian
Systems Developer

Born to code, in C-like languages, I've been coding since the days of FORTRAN 'bubble' cards. I also play Jazz keyboards, guitar and am currently learning the drums.

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