Hosting & Support Features
Your Moodle™ site. Our cloud

Remote-Learner’s hosting service is a completely hosted solution so you have no costly hardware to buy or maintain and no software to configure or install.

Peace of mind

No need to worry about capacity, security, software and hardware upgrades, backups, internet connectivity, power – or any of the myriad issues necessary for a secure and highly available LMS environment. Remote-Learner takes care of your technology framework, and provides exceptional client service.

Easy and inexpensive

Remote-Learner hosting services eliminate the cost and burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software. Updates and upgrades are completely transparent and happen without any service interruption.

Fast access

Your Learning community should not have to wait for important information. Remote-Learner uses the best network infrastructure available, providing lightning-fast access from anywhere in the world.


Our state-of-the-art security measures align with the industry’s best practices. Similar to leading banks and brokerage firms, our platform supports 128-bit and above SSL encryption. All systems are protected by state-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, and comprehensive real-time threat-protection systems. Client backup data is physically transported and encrypted using secure keypad enabled hard drives. Hardware is maintained in secure unmarked facilities that are protected by advanced biometric security systems and measures, including 24-hour manned security, vehicle blockades, access-controlled steel cages, and video surveillance.

World Class Support

Remote-Learner offers hosting support options that accommodate our many diverse customers’ needs. Our technical support team embraces each challenge with a commitment like few other companies can provide.