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Improve Motivation and Engagement Through Your Own Rewards Store

By February 6, 2020 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Motivation and engagement are critical to reaching a goal. Training teams often find these components elusive – keeping the interest and attention of learners can be a struggle. This challenge is often compounded by external forces that cause stress and distraction, limiting the effectiveness of training.

Remote Learner helps training and learning teams tackle this challenge with an engagement solution that incorporates gamification elements by allowing users to set up a rewards system based on internal criteria. The solution, powered by Motrain, ties performance to relevant outcomes, helping learners develop a stronger connection to their instruction and their organization.

How does Motrain work?

Motrain integrates into your Remote Learner environment to provide a streamlined user experience. In Motrain, learners earn virtual coins for completing activities and courses. These coins can be used to buy anything they desire in the store you set up or to participate in a raffle for even more valuable prizes. Rewards could include…

  • Additional time off
  • First choice in holiday scheduling
  • Lunch at a popular restaurant
  • Charity donations
  • …or whatever else will motivate your learners.

By offering performance-based incentives, you’ll enhance motivation and camaraderie, improving the ROI for your training and learning program.

Use cases for Motrain

There are no limits to the types of training and learning scenarios that Motrain can positively impact. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are seeing the difference healthy learner engagement can make. Use cases include:

  • Onboarding training
  • Extended enterprise support
  • Sales enablement
  • Professional development
  • Job skills training
  • more

If you’re interested in seeing some of these use cases in action, we encourage you to register for a webinar on Motrain that Learning Spaces is co-hosting with Jeff Campbell, Motrain Founder and CEO, on February 12th.

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Seeing too many eye rolls when your employees are asked to complete workplace training? Struggling to compete for the attention of your channel partners? Employees perform better in an environment where efforts and achievements are acknowledged and appreciated.

To learn more about how Motrain is helping organizations and academic institutions to foster mastery, improve course completion, and build a community of learners, we encourage you to contact us today for a free trial.