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Integration Manager is Already Making an Impact

By November 20, 2019March 3rd, 2020No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the availability of Integration Manager, the latest Remote Learner Exclusive. Integration Manager is a centralized location from which site administrators can manage custom integrations between their Remote Learner LMS and third-party systems such as a CRM or SIS, including the scheduling and flow of data. Integration Manager’s innovative and intuitive design efficiently allows for high-quality, easy-to-manage integrations that are built to client specifications.

To start using Integration Manager contact Remote Learner here or reach out to your Remote Learner account manager. Our expert team will work with you to scope and design your desired integration or integrations: Integration Manager can store as many integrations as you need. Once your integrations are established, you’ll be able to manage them completely independently inside of Integration Manager, aided by robust training and documentation from Remote Learner.

Some clients have already begun putting Integration Manager to use.

Designed to Your Use Case

One Remote Learner client uses our hosted learning environment primarily for internal and compliance training across multiple departments. One department also uses an external system for the management of learner messaging and communications. These external systems require relevant user data from the Remote Learner LMS so that it can trigger appropriate and timely messages such as those for event registration. Integration Manager is being used to automate this data transfer seamlessly. Site administrators also have complete control over the schedule and flow of this data should changes occur.

Other examples of how Integration Manager could help you to save time, reduce errors or inaccuracies, and improve visibility into your organization’s data include:

  • Sending learner performance information from your LMS to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS).
  • Syncing enrollment data between a Student Information System (SIS) and your LMS.
  • Passing profile information between a Contact Relationship Management System (CRM) and your LMS.

Do you have a need that sounds something like this? Curious if Integration Manager might be a fit? We’re ready to help.

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about Integration Manager, we invite you to log-in to Learning Spaces to view a webinar held last week, November 13th. In this webinar, we reviewed Integration Manager’s functionality, detailed the process of building sub-plugins, and put a spotlight on all the ways in which this exciting new solution from Remote Learner can help your organization to break down information silos and take control of your learner data.