Remote-Learners’ K-12 Learning Management Solution provides a scalable and hassle-free LMS using Moodle®. Whether you’re a large or small district, our expert staff will design, implement, develop, and manage your solution. Teachers are provided the tools to deliver a unique and personalized learning experience so no student is left behind.

K-12 Learning Environments:
Professional Development
STEM Learning
Flipped Classroom Learning
Blended Learning

Remote-Learner goes beyond offering just an LMS.  School districts constantly face challenges to keep their learning technologies up-to-date, relevant, and in line with the National Educational Technology Plan (NETP).  This is why Remote-Learner views each client as a partnership and why we provide the services and expertise needed to deliver permanent, portable wealth to students.

Remote-Learners’ K-12 Solution is a full service LMS and includes the following:

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