You can often date a photograph or movie by looking at those background details that change with the tastes of the time such as the cut of the clothes or the pattern of the wallpaper. What’s true in home decor and fashion also proves true in web design, and for more than just aesthetic reasons.

If you haven’t refreshed your website in a few years, it will seem dated to users. While an out-of-date look might not seem terribly important for a training site, your users might assume the information on the site is just as dated. That leaves a negative impression right away. And, if your site is also behind the times regarding interface, it does more than make the information look old. An older interface can prove unintuitive, actually acting as a stumbling block to the process of learning.

Source: Solar Energy International

Recently, Solar Energy International (SEI) approached Remote-Learner for help. SEI, a non-profit, provides technical training to renewable energy workers. The company envisions a world powered by renewable energy. SEI worked hard to sustain a modern and contemporary look on its public website.

SEI also maintained an active online training site, with hosting and support provided by Remote-Learner. However, the training site made use of an older theme. As time went on, the training site and the marketing site diverged in both look and feel. While the training site contained current information, it looked old. SEI contacted Remote-Learner’s Learning Solutions team seeking a makeover.

“They expressed significant concern that the old theme on the training site felt disjointed from the main website. They worried that users may become confused when moving between sites,” said Ryan DeBerardinis, Learning Solutions web designer.

DeBerardinis and the rest of the Learning Solutions team collaborated with the folks at SEI to construct a new theme, one that would retain all the functionality of the existing site packaged into a dramatically improved layout and interface. Their primary goal was to create a site that matched the user experience of the marketing site as closely as possible.

“We created a custom theme that aligned with their new branding and provided a smoother user experience,” said DeBerardinis.  

This new theme wasn’t just a makeover. SEI’s new online campus now benefits from custom course blocks, configurable social links, a new slider and much more. The refreshed design also resulted in a more responsive mobile site, another vital part of keeping your LMS experience relevant.

Source: Solar Energy International

The theme updates were also applied at the course level, updating both the look of the materials and the way users engaged with it. Remote-Learner improved the interface, making it easier for learners to access the training they needed. Users felt confident the information they received was current and aligned with SEI’s mission.

“Using the enhanced grid format, we were able to design courses that were interactive and visually appealing to users. This allowed the users to be more engaged with the content which leads to better mastery of a subject.” said Kristin Isler, a Learning Solutions Instructional Designer.

Source: Solar Energy International

Your success is Remote-Learner’s success. If your site needs a simple makeover, or if you’re looking for an entirely new solution, we have the tools and talent to make your vision a reality. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we constantly collaborate to recommend the best solutions for your unique objectives.

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