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LMS Reporting and Analytics

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Who is using your LMS?

How are they using it?

Every curriculum planner or corporate trainer knows the importance of good information, yet access to valuable data can be difficult to analyze and obtain. The right information interpreted correctly and applied properly lets you identify past inefficiencies and plan a strategy for future success.

While your Remote Learner LMS site continuously collects invaluable data from a variety of sources, organizing and interpreting that raw data can present a challenge. The information must be collated and presented in a meaningful way. Remote Learner – in a new partnership with IntelliBoard – is pleased to present the LMS Analytics and Reporting add-on for your digital learning environment.

Remote Learner partnered with IntelliBoard to produce a unique and affordable package specifically tailored to the needs of each client. No data used by the LMS Analytics and Reporting tools is copied from your server. It is simply read and interpreted, and only you can see the results. Remote Learner staff can set up LMS Analytics and Reporting on your behalf or provide you with the information needed to set it up in-house.

The Big Picture – Clear Analytics

Through this add-on, you’ll be able to access a suite of features that present you with a clear view of how users are accessing your site and how they are making use of your training resources. The LMS Analytics and Reporting tool automatically generates graphs and charts that give you an at-a-glance overview of the status of your content.

  • Get a snapshot of your user activity. Know when your site is active, who is using it and when.
  • See how users connect to your LMS and their location.
  • Drill down into specifics to find information about your most active, and track their registration data.
  • Find out which courses receive the most attention.
  • Learn your peak connection hours and get an idea of server needs at various times.

Detailed Data – In-depth Reporting

The LMS Analytics and Reporting suite goes beyond simple graphs and charts. IntelliBoard securely accesses your LMS data to quickly generate reports for even the largest user base. You can filter that data in various ways, and mine it for useful intelligence. All data can be exported as CSV or PDF files. These reports allow you to:

    • View user progress through courses
    • Monitor course enrollments and completion statistics
    • Assess utility of given activities and tests
    • Screen forum activity levels
    • Track effectiveness of instructors/administrators

For more information about RL Analytics and Reporting, or to get your LMS site connected, contact Remote Learner.