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LMScheckout: Set up your own online training store with ease

By March 5, 2020 No Comments

The training industry is full of great expertise and content that deserves a larger audience. But setting up an online storefront can be a big barrier to those looking to sell their courses online. One of the reasons why is that training professionals have a unique set of requirements for selling their courses that aren’t readily addressed by most options: blended learning scenarios, automated enrollment, minimum enrollment requirements…the list goes on. Educators need an online training storefront specifically designed for the way they do business if they are to successfully grow the reach of their courses.

Remote Learner helps organizations looking to sell their courses online with a secure, fully integrated eCommerce storefront designed explicitly for training and learning. LMScheckout offers a flexible, turnkey way to easily set up and manage your own online store, complete with your unique branding. And with LMScheckout, customers will experience a seamless, mobile-friendly interaction – from course browsing to checkout.

Supporting Training and Learning Scenarios

LMScheckout supports both in-person and online class options with single, bundled and group course purchases by the seat or by subscription. The accommodations for the unique needs of training and learning professionals also includes:

  • Automatic enrollment
  • Directly upload courses from your LMS
  • In-person and online class options
  • Multi-session class support
  • Setup and manage wait-lists
  • Offer coupon code and gift certificate options
  • Delayed payment capture based on enrollment minimums

LMScheckout fully integrates with Salesforce and popular LMSs like Moodle, Totara Learn, Bridge, and Canvas to further support the way you conduct your operations.

Multi-Tenancy Support

As eCommerce operations grow in sophistication, the need for multi-tenancy support often grows along with it. LMScheckout supports multi-tenancy on many fronts:

  • Create/Clone multiple child sites
  • Support channel partners
  • Build custom micro-sites for key clients
  • Brand each child site to specification
  • International currency support

With LMScheckout, you can be sure that as your business grows your eCommerce storefront can grow with you.

Get in Touch

To learn more about how LMScheckout offers a flexible, turnkey way to build an online store and sell your online courses, live classes, and related products, we encourage you to register for a webinar hosted by Learning spaces on March 11th.

Interested in a first-hand look at LMScheckout? Contact Remote Learner today for a free trial.