Remote-Learner employs people from all over the world, so it can provide the best possible solutions with the most highly skilled people. Team Canada is a big part of the Remote-Learner’s success.

Name: Janet Churchward
Department: Sales, Finance
Hometown: Born in England; Currently live in Tavistock, ON
Background Experience: Before working with Remote-Learner, I worked for its predecessor, Open Knowledge Technologies (OK Tech).
Fun Fact: Plays on a ladies’ darts team; Toronto Blue Jays fan!


Name: Regan Pyke
Department: Sales
Hometown: Toronto
Background Experience: Sales, Entrepreneur, Corporate Education – in a Sales Capacity
Fun Fact: Received my Scuba Certification on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
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Name: Vanessa Cleary
Department: Service Platforms
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Background Experience: 3 years Moodle Admin; 4 years managing Moodle Support team
Fun Fact: I spent 14 months working on a cruise ship working in the Entertainment Department. It felt like a reality show the whole time.
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Name: James McQuillan
Department: Development
Hometown: Toronto
Background Experience: Including personal projects: 16 years PHP and 18
years of web development
Fun Fact: I’m a Getty stock photographer.


Name: Pieter van Hiel
Department: Product Marketing
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Background Experience: Newspaper and magazine journalism, photography, instructional design and tech writing
Fun Fact: I used to be the street outreach coordinator for a Salvation Army mobile soup kitchen.
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Name: Mike Churchward
Department: POET (Partners of Open Education Technologies)
Hometown: I was born in Etobicoke; however, I have lived all over Ontario, Canada. I now live in Tavistock, where I have lived for twelve years.
Background Experience: After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Guelph, I spent some years building the software for a variety of military vehicle training simulators (aircraft, submarines, etc.). With the advent of new media, I joined a company pioneering “edutainment” titles on CD. Soon after that, the web exploded, and my focus moved to what could be done online. I started Open Knowledge Technologies as a Moodle company focused on software development. After that, Bryan Williams and I realized there were good synergies between our two companies, and I merged Open Knowledge Technologies with Remote-Learner to create the business we have today.
Fun Fact: I “play” with a band that I have been part of for four decades.
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Name: Akin Delamarre
Department: Development
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Background Experience: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  I have 10 years of experience developing with PHP.
Fun Fact: I am a 3 time Toronto Dodgeball championship. (Team name: Dodgeball Dodgers)


Name: Tyler Bannister
Department: Development
Hometown: Waterdown, ON
Background Experience: 15 years of experience with PHP Development; 19 years of development experience.
Fun Fact: Has visited Machu Pichu


Name: Brent Boghosian
Department: Software Development
Hometown: Originally from Burlington, Ontario; now reside in Kitchener, Ontario
Background Experience: University of Waterloo Science Alumni (Physics program); Tons of advanced software development experience
Fun Fact: Jazz musician


Name: Shawn Starr
Department: Operations
Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario
Background Experience: Studied at Seneca College for Computer Programming and Analysis. I consider myself to be a hybrid of developer systems operations, and I believe being a mixture of both brings more depth to understanding how Linux systems function from both administration and software development points of view. I have worked in various Open Source communities and enjoyed contributing along the way. For me, bettering Open Source software opens more doors and collaboration.
Fun Fact: I scored a turkey once in bowling, and I’m terrible at PvP type games, I’m just too friendly


Name: Quang Tuyen
Department: Service Platforms
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Background Experience: Over 20 years experience working in almost every position at Safeways and been playing with servers since before it was cool to do so. Memorable IT experience – spent over a year in a Curacao data server farm managing a group of super servers. Right before joining Remote-Learner, I worked as an IT consultant for small to medium sized business doing everything from printer install to security audit.
Fun Fact: I’m a hen farmer who gives away all his eggs! I also grow gigantic herbs.

Name: Derek Henderson
Department: Development
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Background Experience: 11 years of experience with PHP Development; 22 years of development experience.
Fun Fact: Curls