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Meet the Team: Dr. Laurie Korte

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At Remote Learner, our greatest strength is our staff. We have a diverse group of employees around the United States and Canada, individuals with the unique backgrounds and skills needed to meet the challenges faced by our clients. Over the next few months, we’ll be profiling some of the staff members that make the Remote Learner team strong. This week we talked to Dr. Laurie Korte, one of Remote Learner’s Solutions Architects.

Name: Dr. Laurie Korte
Solutions Architect
Home: Kildeer, Illinois
Brief: Dr. Laurie Korte lives with her husband and two parrots in the town of Kildeer. Dr. Korte has a PhD in Educational Technology and is a published author with an extensive background in eLearning innovation. Dr. Korte enjoys sewing and loves birds. Both of these hobbies have been directed to a charitable end, thanks to her involvement with Dress a Girl and support for Seaside Seabird Sanctuary.

Q: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today, Laurie. Do you mind telling us a little about yourself?

A:  I like to sew. With a lot of help, I made 56 dresses for the Dress a Girl charity drive. I hosted an RL Giving Day where I had a couple of people over and assembly lined all the sewing and cutting. I chose that charity because, with it, I know what is being given.

Q: You’re a published author. Tell me a bit about your books!

A: When I started working with Moodle, back around 2005, I was using it with second graders. I attended a conference and a publishing company there asked me to write a book because they’d never seen anybody using Moodle with second graders. That book was Moodle Magic. Later, I wrote Open Source Opens Classrooms That was back when classrooms had just one computer and half the time it was outdated and they didn’t know what to do with it. So, I figured out how to switch these computers to Linux and found all this free software that mimicked proprietary software.

Q:  Tell us something about the career path that brought you to Remote Learner.

A: I started as a middle school science teacher, primarily in biology and earth sciences.Then I got my library science degree and ran a school library and media center. Another district offered me a job as a technology integration specialist. So I went from being a single classroom teacher to a school library media specialist to a district-wide technology integration specialist. I now have an even greater impact through my work with Remote Learner.

Q: How are you finding that role?

A: I like it a lot. It was an interesting transition, because when I was hired I didn’t have corporate experience. But I think my role really benefits from my education experience. Some of the eLearning environments clients are creating could really use that teacher’s touch to make them more user friendly. I really like the Persuasive Design Strategies that (Remote Learner President) Dr. Page Chen did her dissertation on. It’s about the user experience and the way the user interacts with the eLearning environment. I love what Remote Learner is trying to accomplish. We want to empower our clients.

Q: What’s the most common thing our clients are looking for from their LMS?

A: I think our clients want their eLearning environments to be less traditional and more engaging. I see that becoming more important. When we show them something, whether it’s REIN elements or One Topic Course Format, they want that. They want those things that make their sites more welcoming and inviting and modern.

Q: What gets you excited about working for Remote Learner?

A: There’s a lot of learning on the spot. We call ourselves experts and you have to stay on top of that. It makes every single thing interesting.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Laurie!