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Meet the Team: Heather Williams

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At Remote Learner, our greatest strength is our staff. We have a diverse group of employees around the United States and Canada, individuals with the unique backgrounds and skills needed to meet the challenges faced by our clients. Over the next few months, we’ll be profiling some of the staff members with whom our clients are most likely to interact. This week we talked to Heather Williams, our Escalation Manager.

Name: Heather Williams
Position: Escalation Manager
Home: Waynesboro, Virginia
Brief: Heather Williams is Remote-Learner’s Escalation Manager. Heather lives in Virginia with her husband and two kids, as well as two huskies. She has a number of hobbies and passions, including cooking, painting, sketching, gardening, fixing cars and photography.

Q: Thanks for talking with us today, Heather! Let me start by asking you to tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades, and a Master-of-Sarcasm! We were very country, growing up, and I didn’t really understand computers until I was in my twenties. I never really imagined I’d be in the tech field. I started cooking and baking when I was 12 years old and I always thought my future would be in food service. This career has been a surprise to me!

Q: So, how did you get into a career in support?

A: . When I was 28 I discovered the world of online education and put myself through college. I got my associate’s degree in computer programming because I’ve always been interested in the ways things work. I have a technical side to me, but I also have a very creative side to me as well, so I decided to major in web design so I could utilize both sides of my brain.

I did it all online while working a full-time job and a part-time job and taking care of my family.  I really liked taking my classes whenever I could, which was very important, as someone who was also working to support a family.

Q: What’s your day like?

A: I go through all of the escalated cases and assist in trying to debug or troubleshoot any issues that the tier one techs couldn’t put their finger on. If I find a bug, I’ll report it to the maintainer or developer and then also find a viable workaround for the client so they can do what they need to do while they wait for that bug to be fixed. I basically make sure our client’s cases are handled in a good way and are resolved quickly.

Q:  What strengths do you offer our clients?

A: I feel like I’m the fixer. Things that aren’t working end up in my lap. I’ve got a really good memory. I remember errors and fixes quickly. If I see a problem once, I don’t forget that issue. So, if I see it again down the road I can fix it quickly. I’m also a solution finder. So if I can’t find it myself, I’ll sure as heck find someone who can in order to get something fixed for a client.

Q: What causes the biggest headaches for our clients?

A: Integrations. A lot of clients want to integrate external applications and services but don’t know where to start because vendors don’t always provide plentiful or accurate documentation for the integration process. This tends to drive frustrated clients to our support team, who have dealt with these types of issues before. We are typically able to fill in the blanks that third party vendors leave in their integration documentation.

Q: What sort of things do you do when you’re not solving problems?

A:  I spend a lot of time learning new things. I paint, I write, I sketch, I garden, I do photography. I’ve taught myself to pick locks! And I work on cars as needed. I picked up a lot of that from my dad, who wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be stranded. I also have a couple of huskies that take up a lot of my time.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Heather!