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Meet the Team: Janet Churchward

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At Remote Learner, our greatest strength is our staff. We have a diverse group of employees around the United States and Canada, individuals with the unique backgrounds and skills needed to meet the challenges faced by our clients. Over the next few months, we’ll be profiling some of the staff members that make the Remote Learner team strong. This week we talked to Janet Churchward, one of Remote Learner’s Account Managers.

Name: Janet Churchward
Position: Account Manager
Home: Tavistock, Ontario, Canada
Brief: Janet lives in Tavistock, Ontario with her husband Mike.She’s a big supporter of local charities, especially the Tavistock Opti-Mrs Club. Janet is also a huge fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. She enjoys travel, golf and playing darts. Janet and Mike have three adult sons.

Q: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today, Janet.  Do you mind telling us a little about yourself?

A:  I like to travel and I do some gardening around the house. I like playing darts in the winter time and I try to golf in the summertime. We have three sons, including twins who are 25. They live out in Jasper, Alberta, taking advantage of the lovely environment out there. My youngest son is 20 and is attending college for computer programming.

Q:  Tell me a bit about the path you took to your current position at Remote Learner.

A: I used to be an insurance broker. I actually started in reception and worked my way up to being a broker and did that until we had kids. I did various other jobs, including some work for an eLearning company, before doing administration and event planning for Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Stratford. I left that job to start working for my husband Mike’s company, Open Knowledge Technologies. My tasks gradually increased as the company grew. We merged with (Remote-Learner) to form Remote-Learner Canada in 2009 and I transitioned to a client success manager role, picking up  responsibility for all Canadian accounts and some of the US accounts. I became an account manager in January 2017.

Q: How are you finding that role?

A: I love it. For my profile picture on our website, I have a picture of a hen taking care of her little chicks and I feel a little maternal toward my clients. I want to make sure they are being well taken care of and happy. I love talking to my clients and I have some great relationships with them. Everyday I am learning something new about how a client is using our services.

Q: What gets you excited about working for Remote Learner?

A: It’s the constant learning and evolution that keeps me on my toes. There’s no getting lazy. I don’t have a typical day. Every day is something different and that keeps me awake and interested.

Q: Why do you think Remote Learner is a good technology partner?

A: We really take a look at what the client needs and only then do we worry about solving the problem with a specific product or tool. We don’t say ‘This is the product you should use or buy.’ We try to make the products fit whatever the client needs. We aren’t restricted and we can solve almost any problem. That’s exciting!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Janet!