Remote-Learner is pleased to announce the latest updates to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of plugins. With these updates, Office 365 subscribers have better control over how Moodle interacts with Azure. They gain increased flexibility working with user data, and a better experience for users accessing Moodle from Office. This release also supports Moodle 3.0, bringing all the features developed so far to the current version of Moodle, including OneNote assignments, Azure AD authentication, Office Mix, and OneDrive integration.

Release Date: Dec 1, 2015

New Features Summary
– The OpenID Connect plugin provides features to work with Azure multi-tenancy.
– Mapping of user profile fields between Azure and Moodle is now completely customizable, including support for Moodle custom fields.
– Users can be automatically assigned to the “My Apps” section of the Office 365 portal, providing a quick way for users to access Moodle.
– Moodle 3.0 support.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Summary
– Numerous small improvements to the plugin setup process help to guide users and ensure proper configuration.
– Office document file embedding in Moodle courses has been fixed and improved.

OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin
The OpenID Connect plugin now provides features to work with Azure multi-tenancy. After enabling multi-tenancy in Azure, administrators can configure the OpenID Connect plugin to only accept logins from specific tenants of their choosing, allowing you to use Azure multi-tenancy while still controlling who has access to your Moodle site.

Office 365 user profile field syncing
Mapping of user profile fields from Azure AD to Moodle is now completely customizable. Administrators can choose which Azure fields are brought in to Moodle, which Moodle fields are updated, and when they are updated (on user creation, on every login, or both). This also supports Moodle custom fields.

Automatically place Moodle in the Office 365 “My apps” section
Users can now be automatically assigned to the configured Azure application. This places a Moodle tile in the “My Apps” section of the Office 365 portal, giving users a quick way to access Moodle.

Office 365 Moodle 3.0 Support
Moodle 3.0 is now officially supported by the entire suite of Office 365 plugins. Remote-Learner clients can upgrade by going to the “Manage Add-Ons” option in the RL Update Manager to automatically install or upgrade.

For other Moodle installs download the plugins from and follow the install instructions in the README file.

Full list of supported versions are:
Moodle 2.7
Moodle 2.8
Moodle 2.9
Moodle 3.0

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