by Ron Olsen, CEO

When I took the reins of Remote-Learner in 2015, we embarked on a complete re-evaluation of every aspect of our business and began charting a new path forward. It has been an exciting and eye-opening process, and I am encouraged by the positive impacts we are having with, and for, our clients.

One of the benefits of working with thousands of organizations over the last 15 years is that we’ve gotten to actively participate in the evolution of digital learning. A key driver for change has been the growing importance of connectivity between the various systems that make up a successful digital learning environment (or “DLE”.) Gone are the days where simply setting up a Learning Management System (LMS) would be sufficient to check the box of “online learning.”  Organizations have learned that if you want to be successful with digital learning, it requires understanding your goals and how success will be measured, and then developing a strategy for delivery that brings together expertise, best practices, and a multitude of tools and systems. And to evaluate the success of that strategy, teams need to measure impact every step of the way, both inside the individual tools and collectively for the entire environment.

Remote-Learner has historically provided system connectivity through custom developed integrations or data syncing using our Data Hub plugin.  However, recognizing the growing need for connectivity between systems, we recently teamed up with Lingk, Inc., a successful and growing company with a focus on providing innovative solutions and tools for connecting systems within the digital learning environment. Together with the tools and team at Lingk, we are working with like-minded clients that have an enhanced need for data integration, to improve operational efficiency and provide better, more timely data upon which to make impactful decisions.

And while the announced first effort with Lingk was connecting the Moodle™ LMS with various other systems, including Ellucian’s Colleague® , for higher education clients, work has begun on connecting ERP & CRM systems to the Totara Learn™ LMS for our corporate training and continuing education clients. With the elimination of duplicated efforts and a clearer view of connected data, the opportunities to drive greater impact are virtually limitless.

Together with Dr. Page Chen, our President and Chief Innovation Officer, it is an exciting time to be leading this innovative and impact-oriented team.  Whether you are already a client of Remote-Learner or just interested in learning more about our role in creating impactful integrated digital learning environments, I encourage you to reach out and see what we are up to.

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