Persuasive Design Strategies and Video

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We have long used Persuasive Design Strategies (PDS) in the creation of our digital learning environments. Persuasive Design Strategies are meant to ensure that every interaction a learner has when visiting a digital learning environment has been designed to place that learner in the right learning state of mind. This is achieved through the adoption of the seven strategies of PDS as detailed by Remote Learner President, Dr. Page Chen:

  1. Reduction: Simplify complex tasks
  2. Tunneling: Guide learners through a step-by-step process
  3. Suggestion: Place the right triggers in front of motivated learners.
  4. Tailoring: Provide options for learners to choose their own relevant tasks
  5. Self-monitoring: Enable learners to recognize their progress
  6. Conditioning: Reinforce desired behaviors.
  7. Surveillance: Confirm you are achieving your desired outcomes

Ultimately, PDS all comes down to realizing that designing digital learning is about more than just great courses. It is critical to design the full digital learning environment in such a way that it is an active participant in the learning process.

Perhaps PDS makes conceptual sense to you but you’re less clear about how to apply it to your work. However, PDS is not a particular technology that requires fancy algorithms. It relies only on the intent of the designer. Many other industries have developed PDS techniques for persuading online visitors to behave in the optimal path they designed for them to engage with digital content and to keep returning. PDS is a universal technique, though not always named.

As champions of PDS, we were thrilled to see our partners at VidGrid, a video platform solution, take on the challenge of applying these design strategies to their own area of expertise.

“The VidGrid makes it exceptionally easy for you, as an instructor or course designer, to create educational material that follow the principles of persuasive design strategy,” writes Bethany Stachenfeld, head of marketing for ilos.

To find out more about creating video content that makes good use of PDS best design policies, check out this primer from VidGrid.