There's no perfect digital learning environment, just the perfect digital learning environment for you.

How We Work

Your Pain Points Become Ours

We don’t make shiny objects — our online learning solutions and service are purpose driven. This requires our team to internalize your pain points and question every idea’s capabilities against them. This fundamental understanding of your business and empathy for your challenges allows us to realize solutions that matter.

A Team of Experts By Your Side

We understand that change can cause chaos within organizations, and that success comes when new ideas are nurtured and championed. To drive that success we collaborate closely with our clients, providing account management, training, technical support and design consultation to harness change chaos into solutions that work. By building collaboratively, we build lasting digital learning solutions for you.

“The most important principle for designing lively elearning is to see elearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.”

–Cathy Moore

Our Process

Our process is rooted in the understanding that a LMS alone is no longer enough to meet the needs of most organizations. While still a critical component, today’s digital learning environments must extend beyond the LMS to connect multiple strategies, tools, and platforms. The result is an environment tailor-made for each organization’s needs.

After discovering your goals and helping you select the right learning platform and tools, we move your organization through planning, design, configuration, integration, training, and implementation, staying with you every step of the way.



We start by listening. We do not presume that an out of the box solution will fit your organization's unique needs and values.

  • Define goals
  • Identify core tools and services


The plan is more important than the products. Tools alone don’t build a solution that makes an impact.

  • Prototype, migrate, build
  • Prelaunch, year 2, year 3...


Strategy and expertise come together with the right team by your side. A solid foundation is critical for long term success.

  • Resource management
  • User management
  • Content management
  • Data management

Evaluate and Iterate

  • Meet regularly with your Account Manager
  • Evaluate and measure results against your original goals
  • Full solution reviews show you how to optimize current tools and expand utilization
  • Annual site solution reviews revisit design, best practices and latest advancements
  • Regular upgrades ensure  security and feature upgrades
  • Wash, rinse, repeat

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces is a comprehensive, user-friendly information portal for our hosted clients and for those interested in learning about the services our company provides. With customizable training programs, instructional design recommendations, and regular live webinar events, Learning Spaces is designed to support the successful implementation of Remote-Learner’s digital learning solutions.

A Few of Our Favorite Tools

Word cloud of Remote-Learner's DLE tools

We create digital learning environments that are engaging and dependable, with each detail serving a distinct purpose toward the accomplishment of our clients’ goals. Our team employs a mix of open-source and licensed enterprise tools, constantly improving our toolbox to meet the needs of the market.

Moodle Logo


An open source LMS built by educators and supported by one of the largest open source teams in the world. Trusted by organizations large and small, Moodle supports millions of users worldwide. Moodle’s highly configurable technology gives educators, administrators and learners the flexibility they need to meet their learning objectives.

Totara Learn

A powerful open source talent and learning management system (LMS) that educates, manages and connects your people. Many of the world’s biggest and most trusted organizations use Totara Learn, with more than 8 million users worldwide, in 1,100+ organizations in 47 countries and in 25 languages.

Mahara Logo


An ePortfolio application that allows learners of all disciplines to demonstrate their progress and achievements, collaborate with classmates, and communicate with instructors. By linking institutional learning management systems and learners’ social spaces, Mahara provides an elegant way for learners to create, share, and engage.

Totara Social

Totara Social

An open source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to foster collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing across an organization. Designed for peer-to-peer collaborative activities and learning processes, Totara Social also provides tools to support the finding, managing, and storing of enterprise knowledge.

Intelliboard Logo


Offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use Moodle-based platforms as their learning management system. Intelliboard delivers educational data analytics to a single dashboard with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and formatted reports.

Zoola Logo


Zoola is an analytics platform that provides secure access to all your LMS data through easily created reports and dashboards, LMS embedded visualizations, and automatic delivery to key stakeholders.

Course Merchant Logo

Course Merchant™

An eCommerce platform designed specifically for selling courses online. Course Merchant seamlessly integrates with Moodle and Totara to offer a comprehensive eCommerce feature set that accommodates a wide variety of selling and enrollment scenarios.

LMS Checkout Logo


A next generation shopping cart technology designed for the training industry’s unique challenges. LMS Checkout integrates with a LMS or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and allows for multi-brand shopping experiences or “child stores.”

Kaltura Logo


A provider of a video platform that allows users to create, edit, share and stream multimedia (video, images, audio, PDF, and SWF files) and also export videos for offline use. Kaltura also provides MediaSpace, a repository for media collections, creating a fully-featured “Corporate YouTube” for your organization.

Kaltura Logo


An interactive video platform that offers video communication solutions for education, sales, training, and support. Built on the latest technology, VidGrid transforms learners from passive viewers into active participants through the addition of adaptive quizzing short answer questions, interval surveys, in-video commenting, and other interactive video elements that drive engagement.

Kaltura Logo


An engagement platform that fosters mastery, improves course completion rates, and builds a community of learners. Motrain allows learners to earn coins for the completion of courses, activities, and events. Learners then use their coins to make purchases in an organization’s store, which training teams can fill with anything they wish. By tying relevant outcomes to performance, learners develop a stronger connection to their instruction and their organization.

Lingk Logo


A provider of integration tools and solutions that bring together data from systems throughout the digital learning environment. Lingk’s tools, together with R-L’s expertise, provide data integrations in days or weeks, not months or years.

Enlighten CRM Logo


A Salesforce compliant app to make your Moodle or Totara training catalog mobile-ready and accessible. enlightenCRM efficiently trains internal users via single-sign-on access from Salesforce or trains your entire extended enterprise with full contact or student integration.

Microsoft Office 365 Logo

Microsoft Office 365™

A set of open source Moodle plugins that integrate Moodle with Microsoft Office365’s popular productivity software and services: OneNote, OneDrive for Business, and Outlook calendar. The plugins harmonize login credentials, calendar management and course content creation. Remote-Learner collaborated with Microsoft Open Technologies, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp to develop the Office 365 suite of Moodle plugins.

Technical Capabilities

If you’ve got specific needs, we can help you achieve them. Our dedicated team of designers and developers have years of experience helping our clients perfect their digital learning environment. Custom doesn’t have to be a scary word because we can provide you with the expertise and the flexibility to tailor your site to fit your needs.

  • We develop beautiful, intuitive interfaces with UX centered design based on client understanding.
  • We’re fluent in PHP, Python, Javascript, CSS, SCSS, SCORM and more — to adapt or build whatever your solution requires.
  • We can integrate your site with the API you need.
  • We ensure quality through a strict testing and QA process.