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Remote Learner’s Client Success Center

By May 12, 2020 May 15th, 2020 No Comments

By Kseynia Khenkina, Senior Technology Administrator

Our top priority at Remote Learner is our clients. Your main objectives are propelled by your vision for success and we want to help you get there. Our Client Success Center (“CSC”), which went live last year, is designed from the ground up to support your vision through:

  • increased access to self-service options
  • efficient communication with our support team
  • transparency on the progress of support requests

Get Help When Needed

To provide the best possible service experience, the CSC utilizes a modern and intuitive design with new self-service options. Among those options is quick access to our Learning Spaces site where you can find an ever-growing library of site administration and course development training materials, documentation, and webinars. And Account Manager contact information is only one click away.

From the landing page, you can create Support Cases that include new fields on the contact form request information that will help route your case to the best resource for the quickest possible response. You can also submit ideas for new features that the Remote Learner Products team will evaluate and consider for future development.

Communicate Efficiently

The CSC supports comment formatting through a WYSIWYG editor. Commenting on cases through the CSC interface includes the attachment of files and directly inserting images in-line for added clarity and efficiency.

Whenever our support team responds, notifications are sent via email and appear in the notification section in the CSC. The in-site notification is live and appears instantly after the new comment is made. The email notification can be replied to directly and without an additional login to the CSC.

Track Support Requests

All cases can be accessed at any time through the Support Cases menu item. Here you can see all of your cases or, through the dropdown selection, all cases associated with your organization. Clicking the case number link will bring you directly into the cases themselves.

Submit New Feature Ideas

Tell us how we can improve our products! The newest feature of the CSC is built to facilitate communication between clients and product developers, expanding usability and functionality. We welcome suggestions from our clients in order to better fulfill your objectives and ensure they’re propelled by your vision for success. Already have a new feature idea? Visit the CSC to let us know!.

Looking Forward

Review your site information, open a new case, submit an idea, or follow up on something already in flight. All of the resources you need are now in one place. And this is only the beginning for the Client Success Center. Be on the lookout for more updates as we extend the functionality to provide you with greater information and insights about your Remote Learner solutions.