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Remote Learner has partnered with VidGrid to make interactive video easy

By December 18, 2019No Comments
Watching a Video on the Computer

Video is inevitably one of the first examples given when learning professionals are asked about tools that make an online course interactive. And for good reason – multimedia elements such as video do add interest, increase engagement, and allow administrators to disseminate information that they otherwise could not. But does that description really meet the definition of “Interactivity”?

Video is largely one-way communication – a video plays, a learner watches it. There’s little opportunity for learners to engage with that video, respond to that video, or even make a video of their own. That’s changing – technology is increasingly “democratizing” video, which is to say to allow all users to engage in video in a variety of ways, not just a select few.

Democratizing video

Remote Learner helps training teams to democratize video with an interactive video solution that allows all users to engage in video in a variety of ways. The platform, powered by our partners at VidGrid, increases learner engagement, allows for more efficient communication and effective knowledge transfer, and provides the ability to meet the expectations of learners who are used to using video technology in many other aspects of life.

VidGrid will change the way you think about the role of video in your organization. VidGrid is where video is made, engaged, and managed:

  • Capture: Quickly capture your own videos or empower others to record for you.
  • Converse: Collect comments, suggestions, and interactions from inside your video.
  • Control: Keep videos in sync, up-to-date, and organized on the Grid.

Built for every team

No matter your job title, department, organization, or industry, VidGrid modern architecture can help. Cloud-based and seamlessly integrated into your Remote Learner environment, VidGrid works on every device, every time – and it doesn’t require Java or Flash.

Use cases range from onboarding and sales enablement, to continuing education and degree programs, to extended enterprise and professional development training. And in every use case, VidGrid is making an impact.

Remote Learner client Guilford Tech adopted VidGrid for faculty training. Since implementing VidGrid, Guilford Tech has created over 80 videos that have been viewed over 5,900 times. VidGrid has saved Anita over 50% of the time she previously dedicated to faculty instruction and support, freeing her to allocate more time to robust in-person instruction with numerous groups in the institution on other tools and processes.
In addition to this valuable resource on the side of faculty support, VidGrid has fueled a remarkable increase in adoption of faculty video in their course content, a significant achievement in and of itself that deserves a separate blog post altogether.

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