Remote Learner – Involved in our Communities

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Remote Learner makes it a matter of both corporate culture and company policy to encourage investment in our local communities. The company’s RL Giving program gives each employee the option to donate work hours in the support of a chosen charity or community organization. Thanks to this program, 97 percent of Remote Learner employees donate time or money to a charity of their choice, and hundreds of hours of volunteer labor are annually donated. Earlier this month, RL Senior Product Manager Geoff Horsfall wrote about his extraordinary experience serving as an entrepreneurial mentor with Defy Ventures Colorado.

As a Canadian employee of Remote Learner, I’m happy to say that my fellow northerners are an enthusiastic part of the RL Giving Program. Earlier this summer, I was approached by Indwell, an Ontario charitable organization. Indwell develops affordable housing with included support services, such as kitchens, work spaces and access to counseling.

Indwell recently purchased an abandoned dairy facility in the city of Hamilton, Ontario and is in the process of converting it into housing. They wondered if I would be willing to donate my time and talents as a volunteer photographer at an event celebrating the purchase of the dairy property. I was happy to do so, and spent a couple of hours recording musical performances, speeches and the faces of the community.

Local Musicians Provided Entertainment

An Indwell client appreciates the tunes.

Local politicians, including Ward 3 councilor Matthew Green, spoke to the crowd.

Free face painting and bike tuneups were available for the kids

There is a dire need for organizations such as Indwell in this city. Hamilton is about an hour’s drive from Toronto, where the average cost of a home is now more than $1.2 million. This spike in prices and rents has created a lot of interest in Hamilton as a cheaper alternative for commuters. In the last few years, property speculation by Toronto realtors has turned the city from one of Canada’s most affordable cities to one where a lot of residents struggle to pay rent. Groups like Indwell are vital to ensuring everyone in our community can afford a roof over their head.

I’m grateful to Remote Learner for giving me a means of supporting Indwell with my work hours!