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Remote Learner Is Assisting With Coronavirus Planning

By March 9, 2020No Comments

Over the last several weeks, our collective awareness of the global Coronavirus outbreak has grown significantly and with it, so has our collective concern. First and foremost, we at Remote Learner wish you good health. We encourage you, as we have our staff, to follow expert guidance: wash your hands regularly, try not to touch your face, and stay home when you’re sick.

While good health is everyone’s primary concern, we are also aware of the impacts Coronavirus is having or may soon have on training and learning programs. We have been fielding inquiries from several clients about Remote Learner’s ability to assist in addressing some of the challenges associated with Coronavirus. Remote Learner is fully prepared to continue providing excellent service and aid any modifications to your services that may arise as a result of Coronavirus planning.

Here are a few examples of how some Remote Learner clients are changing their solutions to address their new operational requirements:

Shift from instructor-led training to online training

A 5,000+ employee organization with regular onsite instructor-led training directed all of their people to work remotely. In order to keep pace with their training schedules, work is being done to convert ILT classroom training to online solutions, all within their existing Totara platform. Remote Learner is assisting in the conversion of these courses, increasing platform resources to handle the additional requirements, and training additional company personnel on the use of their eLearning platform.

Training educators who are new to online learning

A university is looking at ways to switch a large number of its courses over to online learning to mitigate health risks. Using the resources of Remote Learner’s Learning Spaces training courses, the university can get educators inexperienced in online instruction rapidly trained up and using their existing Moodle platform.

Company-wide video solutions

A company that had yet to embrace video conference capabilities now finds itself in need of a rapid deployment of a video solution. As a Zoom reseller, Remote Learner is working with the company to license and deploy Zoom company-wide in support of its temporarily distributed workforce.

You, too, may find yourself in need of new tools in order to successfully execute your modified training and learning program. Remote Learner can help:

  • Our diverse list of best-of-breed partnerships allows us to quickly extend the functionality of your learning environment as needed.
  • Managed Services can add temporary resource capacity and expertise.
  • Learning Spaces is full of resources including webinars, courses, and more that can help your staff to effectively adjust their instruction.

Bottom line: You can focus on your well-being and that of your colleagues. Remote Learner has your learning environment taken care of. If you would like to discuss how we can assist with any changes to your current implementation, contact us today.