Late last month, the Apereo Foundation – a global organization of higher educational institutions and partners focused on providing open source solutions supporting learning, teaching and research – announced the admission of Remote-Learner as a Commercial Affiliate member in support of Apereo’s open source initiatives. This announcement came after many months of working with Apereo leadership to determine the best ways for Remote-Learner to participate in the Foundation’s projects and communities. I could not be happier to be supporting this cause.  


In related efforts, earlier this year we worked together with other commercial solution providers to form POET (Partners of Open Education Technologies), a collaborative project supporting innovation and development in the open source community. We believe that cooperative open source efforts thrive in situations where a solid governance strategy effectively works to keep it open. It seemed a natural fit for us to combine the Apereo and POET efforts into our overall support of the Foundation and nominate POET for inclusion within Apereo’s incubation program.


We are excited to be such an active supporter of POET, and we see natural synergies between their efforts and other projects and initiatives at Apereo, including EdExchange, Karuta, OpenLRS, OpenDashboard, and others. The whole Remote-Learner team also wishes heartfelt congratulations toward one of our own, Mike Churchward, who assumed the Executive Director role for POET as it begins this incubation process. As a driving force behind the POET initiative, I support Mike in these efforts and know that he will do an outstanding job. I’m eager to see what areas and opportunities POET identifies for integration and collaboration to help Remote-Learner and others in the community build stronger learning environments.


Mike’s dedicated new role at POET provides Remote-Learner the opportunity to refocus some resources and efforts within the company. Dr. Page Chen will assume the Chief Innovation Officer role and play a more direct and active part in the incorporation of design and technology innovations into Remote-Learner’s solutions. Page’s Learning Solutions team demonstrated a strong market demand for course design, branding and instructional design services in support of the digital learning environment (DLE) to improve adoption and ultimately, learning outcomes. By combining the Learning Solutions group with our product innovation teams, we look forward to providing more comprehensive solutions for all of our clients and partners.


Our involvement in the open source community continues, and the pursuit of innovation remains a top priority. I welcome a shift in the Remote-Learner organization that is not so focused on the Learning Management System (LMS) but more considerate of the entire digital learning environment.


We thank the open source educational communities this holiday season for the support of these new initiatives and we look forward to working together to further our collective goals in the new year.


-Ron Olsen, CEO, Remote-Learner

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