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The Staff of Remote Learner

Philanthropy and community involvement are integral parts of Remote Learner’s (RL) culture. Collaborative and humanitarian principles make up the core of the RL experience with active participation in both the open source community and a close-knit community of employees, service partners, and clients.

While the RL team spends the bulk of the workday providing eLearning services to our many customers, more than 80% of RL employees spend some part of their free time offering service to local communities and global causes. In recognition of their commitment to community service, Remote Learner CEO, Ron Olsen, announced in January the formation of a Charitable Giving Committee with the intent to help encourage and streamline the company’s volunteer and charitable giving efforts. The committee, led by Internal Technical Administrator, David Richards, has been charged with four tasks:

    • Develop a system by which Remote-Learner can match the charitable donations of RL employees.
    • Implement a “volunteer hours” benefit that will provide employees the opportunity to participate in community or charitable activities during their regular work day.
    • Create a framework for the allocation of donated company services to charitable causes and organizations.
    • Investigate a proposed charitable investment group to help employees interested in long-term financial support of charities.

In the month since its inception, the Giving Committee has already made headway on several of its assigned tasks. As of February 19, all Remote Learner employees have been granted 8 hours of “RL Giving” time intended for use volunteering in their local communities during what would usually be working hours. Chaperoning a school field trip, helping out at a local food bank, or working in a community garden are no longer activities reserved for weekends or after hours.

The Committee also began designing a disbursement structure so company donations and matching contributions could be paid and tracked promptly. Funds were promised to over two dozen different local and international charities at our first ever Charitable Giving Luncheon held during the company-wide annual meeting in January (read Ron Olsen’s reflection of the Luncheon and Annual Meeting).

The committee plans to highlight employee-recommended non-profit and charitable organizations each week in the company newsletter along with suggestions for how individuals can contribute charitable efforts.

Remote Learner is an organization that connects people and builds eLearning communities. The formation of Charitable Giving Committee is the first step to growing those connections beyond the digital learning environment. To follow our charitable endeavors or make suggestions for community support, please use #RLGiving.