Easily Integrate Your LMS With Salesforce

Turn Salesforce Into a Powerful Training Information System

Many training professionals use Salesforce to store and manage student records that an LMS isn’t designed to handle. But keeping these two systems synchronized manually can be time consuming and error-prone. EnlightenCRM is a simple, flexible, and mobile-friendly plugin that helps organizations to integrate learner data common between these two systems. EnlightenCRM gives organizations the power to manage student, employee, customer, and partner access to training programs right from within Salesforce.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional student authentication
  • Automated course tracking
  • Group enrollment assignments
  • Course activity tracking
  • Grades and completion status
  • Advanced reporting using standard Salesforce reports

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Why EnlightenCRM?

  • Eliminate the need to track and manage student progress through XLS spreadsheets
  • Track student progress through Salesforce contact records
  • Automate LMS approvals for existing contacts or pre-accepted domains
  • Automate email communications and promotions
  • Create performance dashboards and analyze metrics against organizational data
  • Tie student records into marketing automation workflows

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