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LMS Data Made Easy, Shareable, Understandable, and Attractive

The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to help you show – not just tell – your story. Remote Learner allows organizations to quickly generate intuitive, attractive visualizations with a reporting solution provides better understanding and more informed decision-making. The platform, powered by IntelliBoard, unlocks the data you need to inform your education and business decisions, and reach your goals faster. With IntelliBoard, you can make your Learning Management System smarter.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with your Remote Learner site
  • Real-time monitors
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Insightful visualizations
  • Scheduled notifications
  • AI-assisted requests

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Why IntelliBoard?

  • Get to know your learners: high achieving, at-risk, under-engaged.
  • Compare course performance across time, instructors, and learners.
  • Identify at-risk learners using your preferred parameters.
  • Generate reports through real-time requests.
  • Identify learner behavior patterns and create interventions to keep learners on-track.
  • Create event notifications based upon defined triggers.

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