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Take Control Of Your Learning Data

Aggregate, Analyze, and Automate with our Powerful Features

Make your learning data actionable with powerful automation and analysis capabilities. Learning Locker is the world’s most tested and scalable xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS). It helps organizations to reconcile your complete set of learning data through powerful custom dashboards that don’t require any code or query language knowledge. Learning Locker is cloud-managed and on-premise, OEM, and open source supported.

Key Features

  • Set up multiple stores to collect xAPI according to different data source and storage requirements.
  • Slice-and-dice xAPI data into ad-hoc groups and reporting.
  • Create complex business rules to transform incoming activity data into new, aggregated activity records.
  • Take advantage of Learning Locker’s automatic indexing by throwing any xAPI data you have at it.
  • Take control over Learning Locker through our powerful and fully documented APIs.
  • Select from a huge range of add-on applications to power-up your learning.

Apps Available With Enterprise Learning Locker

Semantic Analysis

Use Learning Pool’s proprietary algorithm to drive insights into the quality of learners’ submissions.

BI Connector

Feed your BI tool with real-time data from Learning Locker.

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