Reliable and Secure Cloud Hosting

Our scalable hosted platforms can be counted on to perform as your needs evolve.

A Secure Environment

All data is hosted in a secure AWS facility behind a virtual firewall. Users connect to the site through an encrypted connection and the data stored within Amazon’s physically secured facilities is encrypted before being written to storage media.

Each site receives its own hosting instance with distinct resources, including storage, which prevents unexpected issues on any individual site from affecting other sites.

Reliable Performance

Regular backups (snapshots) are taken according to our backup schedule, ensuring that a recent copy of data is available. These snapshots contain all components of the site. This data is replicated to multiple AWS data centers, ensuring recoverability.

Remote Learner offers a hands-off hosting experience by managing the installation and configuration of the operating system, monitoring tools, core application, ancillary solutions, plugins, and integrations for your environment.

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