Video’s Most Interactive Platform

Allow Your Users to Easily Record, Edit, and Share Video

Video adds interest, increases engagement, and allows administrators to disseminate information that they otherwise could not. But does that description really meet the definition of “Interactivity”? Remote Learner helps training teams to democratize video with a video solution that allows users to interact in a variety of ways. The platform, powered by VidGrid, increases learner engagement, allows for more efficient communication and effective knowledge transfer, and provides the ability to meet the expectations of learners who are used to using video technology in many other aspects of life.

Key Features

  • Record with your webcam, screen, or mobile device
  • Upload existing videos and transfer videos from another provider
  • Edit to perfection with simple options for trimming, music, combing videos, and more
  • Add Closed Captioning with one-click
  • View videos on any browser on any device
  • Integrate and manage videos into your current workflow

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Why VidGrid?

Use cases

  • Onboarding training
  • Sales enablement
  • Professional development
  • Job/Employee training
  • Product training
  • Customer/Partner training
  • Academic/Continuing education

Interactive elements

  • Multiple choice and multiple select quiz questions
  • Open response questions
  • Video reply
  • Job/Employee training
  • Calls-to-action (buttons)
  • Time-stamped commenting
  • Meeting scheduler

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