Tailored, fully integrated Digital Learning Environments that make an impact.

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We unlock the potential of technology to improve lives through learning — one individual and one institution at a time.  First, we listen. Then, we design and develop a fully integrated Digital Learning Environment in which each detail has an explicit  purpose. Every Digital Learning Environment should be engaging and adaptable,  and deliver results that make a positive impact. If  your learners are constantly evolving, then your learning platform should too.

Driving Impact

Truly having an impact requires that we understand, at a fundamental level, what drives SWCC and what your institution is trying to achieve. Our team is passionate in pursuit of that understanding. This is how we deliver meaningful, effective solutions.

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Our Process

There’s no perfect Digital Learning Environment, just the perfect Digital Learning Environment for You

Our online learning solutions and service are purpose driven. This requires our team to internalize your pain points and question every idea’s capabilities against them. This fundamental understanding of your institution and empathy for your challenges allows us to realize solutions that matter. Today’s Digital Learning Environments need to be tailor-made for each institution’s needs. After discovering your goals and helping you select the right learning tools, we move your organization through planning, design, configuration, integration, training, and implementation, staying with you every step of the way.


No LMS is an island unto itself. Remote-Learner supports multiple single sIgn-on (SSO) options like Google, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, SAML, ADFS, OKTA, LDAP as well as more robust integrations to HRIS, SIS, CRM, WordPress, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and various eCommerce platforms.

Through the use of the Lingk platform our teams can create API integrations in a smart and fast way to sync your student, employee and customer lifecycle data to a variety of platforms. Remote-Learner also provides our clients with Data Hub, a two-way communication tool that transfers information like users, courses, and enrollments between Moodle and other systems.

Remote-Learner's SWCC Solution Powered by Moodle

From learning more about SWCC's specific needs, our team has outlined a brief overview of a tailored solution.


Based on extensive conversations with SWCC, Remote-Learner believes a Moodle-powered solution to be the best fit. The highly configurable nature of Moodle’s open-source code allows Remote-Learner to fulfill its consultative, solution-based promise to our clients. By allowing the Remote-Learner team to flex its instructional design and learning technology muscles, Moodle is an ideal vehicle for Remote-Learner to use in the creation of a learning platform that can achieve SWCC’s vision for learning. Remote-Learner releases a new version of Moodle each year and each release is full of exciting new functionality. SWCC has expressed interest in Moodle 3.2. Some of our favorite Moodle 3.2 features include:

  • The ability to import and export competency frameworks.
  • A new, default media player (VideoJS) which improves accessibility with the option of captions and subtitles for any audio and video files.
  • A new graphing library that makes charts and graphs more attractive as well as more interactive.
  • A mobile app that offers a more unified experience with the desktop version.
  • Improved messaging and notification features
  • User tours that allow administrators to create and share walkthroughs with teachers, students, and all other users of the site. These user tours offer a walk through of a site, keeping teachers and students aware of new site navigation or offering an introduction to new users

Key Features & Benefits Identified for SWCC

A partnership with Remote-Learner comes with many exclusive benefits. Here are a few that we think will be of interest to SWCC.

  • Learning Spaces: A comprehensive, user-friendly information portal for customizable training programs, instructional design recommendations, and regular live webinar events, Learning Spaces is designed to support the successful implementation of your Digital Learning Environment. Learn more
  • R-L Toolkit: A collection of administrator tools for monitoring and managing your site.
  • Site Dashboard (SD)provides detailed site information, such as user browser types, operating system types, browser session information
  • Add-On Manager – provides one-stop, self-service management for all Remote-Learner approved plugins.
  • BackTrack – provides self-service backup retrieval and archive data storage. Site administrators can access nightly server snapshots which can be restored in their entirety and maintain archive copies from past years.
  • Altitude: Altitude is a responsive theme with a modern look and mobile friendly design. Altitude improves the user experience at both the course level and the site level by adding features to make navigation simple, intuitive, and accessible, including student alerts.
  • Personalization Filter: Allows instructional designers to dynamically insert any information from the course settings or a user’s profile into any page, it’s like mail merge for the LMS.

Partners in Innovation

Remote-Learner partners with many exciting tools to extend the functionality of our Digital Learning Environments to meet the needs of our clients. Here are a few that we think would be most useful to SWCC.

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A video platform for colleges to easily record, share, edit, and manage videos on the cloud within one app.

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Offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use Moodle-based platforms as their learning management system. Delivering educational data analytics to a single dashboard with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and formatted reports.

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Through direct API integrations to a variety of platforms — a smarter, faster way to sync your student, employee and customer lifecycle data.