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Take The Pain Out Of Adding Video To Your Courses

By December 5, 2019 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Written by: Our Partners at VidGrid

Ever find yourself procrastinating on making a video that you know you need for a training session or a course? Ever wish you could search for training material at your organization like you do on YouTube at home when you’re tackling a DIY project? You’re not alone. In fact, the vast majority of people share those same feelings! The amount of work that is required to record, share, or locate a video in your learning program can be overwhelming. Don’t worry – change is here.

The chasm between how we leverage video in our personal lives versus how we leverage it in our professional lives has been crossed thanks to VidGrid, a ridiculously simple video platform. Better still – Remote Learner and VidGrid have partnered to bring video directly into your Remote Learner environment!

VidGrid and Remote Learner share a common vision to make knowledge transfer a simple and engaging process. Gone are the days of spending hours simply trying to figure out how to record a video, let alone trying to find where it will be securely hosted and streamed. VidGrid takes care of the entire video process from recording to editing to organizing and sharing.

Why is VidGrid so much easier?

  • VidGrid is built off of the latest tech stack, which means it just works – on every device, every time. It does not require Java or Flash.
  • Anyone in any organization can capture a video on VidGrid in under 3 minutes on their first time in the tool because it’s seamlessly integrated into both the Remote Learner Totara and Moodle environments.
  • VidGrid was built on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with on-premise servers or hosting/managing large volumes of video content as video scales within your organization.
  • Tired of receiving overage charges because your organization created or watched too many videos? Storage and bandwidth are both unlimited on VidGrid.

It’s really that simple.

Remember that dream about being able to search for “How to” videos in your organization like you do at home on YouTube? That dream is actually a reality for organizations leveraging VidGrid & Remote Learner! When video is so simple that anyone within an organization can quickly capture and share videos, the central repository of video content snowballs and all of your video content is indexed and searchable.

Interested in seeing just how easy unleashing the power of video can be for your organization? Contact Remote Learner today. We also invite you to join us for a webinar on the problems VidGrid can solve in your organization on Wednesday, December 11th.