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That is the Question!

By March 11, 2019 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

by: Kristin Isler, Product Development Coordinator

In online learning, assessment can be accomplished by a variety of activity types. The most common is the quiz module, where the True/False and Multiple Choice formats are the standard options. While these familiar formats remain the most popular, the Moodle community has created some amazing additional question formats that can be incorporated into quiz module, enhancing any quiz and improving your assessment results.

All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice

Similar to the Multiple Choice question that is standard with Moodle and Totara, the All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice format requires that the learner choose all correct answers or receive no credit for the question. This can be accomplished with the standard Multiple Choice question type by having an “all of the above” or “a and b are both correct” option but this can act as a hint for learners. The All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice format removes the hint and requires a full understanding of the material by asking learners to pick all correct answers or receive no credit. It does require, though, that you modify the question to direct learners to select all that apply.


A quiz may need to assess whether a learner knows the proper steps or order of events. With the Ordering question type, an instructor provides a list of items and the learner must drag them into the correct order. Since the order is the focus of this question type, it’s important to note that the learner must get the order correct to receive credit and there is no partial credit option for this question.

PoodLL Recording

An audio or video answer is a better assessment than a written response in some learning scenarios. The PoodLL recording question type allows the learner to record an audio or video response to a question in the quiz. In corporate Training, this question type would be a great for sales or customer service scenarios. In K-20, this is an excellent option for checking pronunciation in a foreign language class.

Matrix Question

Completing a set of related questions can be difficult in online quizzes. Matrix Question format makes this much easier by allowing Instructors to create question “table”. Columns are set as answers and each question is set on a separate row. For example, a customer call scenario could be given as part of a product training. Each product is listed in a column. Specific features requested by the customer are listed in the rows. The learner must choose which product includes that feature. The benefit of this question type is that it’s all displayed in a single question.

These are all great additions to the Moodle and Totara Quiz module but don’t forget that there are also a few interactive questions that have now become standard Moodle questions including these favorites of ours:

    • Drag and Drop onto Image
    • Drag and Drop into Text
    • Embedded Answers

Assessments are how we know our learners have reached the goal of actually absorbing and understanding the information provided to them. While Multiple Choice and True/False are great question types, it’s always a good to have other question types at your disposal in case they are better able to help you achieve that goal.