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Remote Learner Completes First Move More, Sit Less Challenge!

By January 14, 2016 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Research shows the importance of both physical activities that meet or exceed current physical activity guidelines and a reduction in the time spent in sedentary activities (e.g., sitting at the computer, sitting in a motor vehicle, watching TV, etc.).

For this particular challenge, employees were encouraged to complete at least 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity as well as get up and move around each hour – such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator – to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time.

As an added incentive, Remote Learner made a donation to the nonprofit of choice for the top three movers. Winners Sam Rosenberg, Karen Lee, and Debbie Dessent chose Mighty Writers, SIM (Serving in Missions), and Parents of Gators Association to receive donations. Beyond the joy of helping provide a gift, this challenge became the catalyst toward a healthier lifestyle for some employees.

“One of our newer team members, Ted Hopper, initiated and supported this challenge, and I appreciate it,” said CEO Ron Olsen. “Like most of our team, I spend long hours at a desk and often forget the importance of periodic breaks and physical activity. I believe in prioritizing the health and wellness of my team, and participation in this challenge helped me – and many of our team members – build new and healthier work habits that will hopefully benefit us today and beyond.”

To learn more about the importance of moving more and sitting less, visit!

Might Writers has recruited over 300 of Philadelphia’s best writers, teachers, journalists and volunteers to mentor over 2,000 kids annually in North, South, and West Philly. The organization offers free after-school and weekend writing classes, SAT Prep courses and scholarship opportunities to kids and young adults.

SIM is an international mission organization with more than 4,000 workers serving in more than 70 countries. SIM members share Christian beliefs and principles among many diverse people groups in every continent.

Parents of Gators Association is a Swimming Club in Louisa, Virginia. The Louisa Gators swim team provides recreational summer leagues to all children from the ages of 5 to 18 years. They try to keep the cost down to allow more participation and offer scholarships based on financial needs.