Totara 9: A New Path for 2017

By April 4, 2017 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

New Zealand is home to a well-known tree called the Totara. The wood of the Totara tree is renowned for two reasons. First, it’s known for the remarkable strength. Second, it’s famous for its ability to be carved in intricate ways, while still retaining great strength.

These characteristics of adaptable strength served as the inspiration behind the Totara LMS, a Moodle™-based platform that shares the tree’s name. Like its leafy namesake, the Totara LMS is a robust and flexible creation. It’s well suited to meeting custom skills-transfer requirements, especially in corporate settings.

Remote Learner is proud of our ongoing partnership with Totara. We are now able to offer our clients Totara 9, the latest version of the LMS. Totara 9 is fully compatible with Remote-Learner’s own Altitude theme. The combination of the two creates a compellingly powerful, flexible and mobile-ready LMS, one that prioritizes the user’s experience.

Totara was designed to enable social learning, blended instruction and peer collaboration across an organization. It permits the use of your preferred authoring tools for content creation and provides an excellent framework for the creation of compliance and certification programs. It includes native reporting capabilities that further enhance existing analytics available through Remote-Learner.

Totara is constantly updated with new tools and functions to stay current with e-Learning trends. Some significant new features include:

  • Unify Seminar Management: View and manage your in-person and blended learning events site-wide, track locations and equipment, manage enrollments, wait lists, track attendance and easily send out notifications from your LMS.
  • Easy Role Management: Create and assign multiple job roles to users as individuals or in bulk, and even filter reports according to role.
  • Dynamic Learning Paths: Automatic, audience-based learning plans present the right information to the right learners at the right time.
  • Immediate Content Connection: Unique front page blocks connect learners immediately to the content they need to work on next and make it easy to access recent assignments.
  • Accessibility Features: HTML tables can be replaced with screen reader-friendly alternative, and add label fields via IDs –  a valuable feature for users with sight and motor disabilities.

Totara 9 works seamlessly with Remote Learner’s Altitude theme. Together they serve as a powerful platform that can be used to guide learner behavior and deliver on your organization’s learning and development initiative.   For more information about Totara, or for a demonstration of a Remote-Learner LMS solution that suits you, contact us today. Or, sign up for our forthcoming Totara webinar on April 19, 2017 for an in-depth and interactive walkthrough.