Education Video Cloud brings all the latest trends to life:

✓ Flipped Classroom ✓Blended Learning ✓Online Learning ✓BYOD

Video for Educators Made Easy

Take teaching and learning to a new level with interactive video tools for teachers and students. Easily create, upload, clip, manage, publish and deliver high quality video to any device, live or on demand. Post video assignments and incorporate videos into tests, announcements, blogs, discussions, feedback and more, improving engagement, creativity, sense of community, and learning results.

Mobile First

Bring your own device – Education Video Cloud assures optimal playback on all mobile devices, with automatic device detection and HTML5 – Flash fallback.

Create Your Own Video Cloud

Learning happens not only inside classes and courses. Empower your educators and students by creating a video portal with library video resources, channels for group collaborations, student generated content, and more.

Security and Privacy from Day One

Your existing authentication and authorization processes are fully supported and additional security options are offered – control access per video file, geolocation, domain, the IP address range from which the video can be viewed, and more.

Robustness, Stability and Scalability

With tier 1 hosting and CDN you can give students a high quality viewing experience and prevent your system from stalling under the weight of video files.