Webinar: The Four P’s of Online Learning

By July 8, 2019 No Comments

The creation of an effective online learning environment involves a lot of intentionality and skill. Instructional design refers to the process by which learning experiences are created, developed, and delivered. This often involves the development of products such as online courses and learning simulations. From an instructional design perspective, there are several important factors to consider when developing a place for staff members and volunteers to learn online, including applications from other disciplines such as cognitive psychology, UX design, and experiential learning.

Throughout the month of June, Remote Learner hosted a webinar series on instructional design. The goal of the series is to look at the topic of instructional design at various points in the lifecycle of a course. Other topics in the webinar series included:  

  • Popular Plugins: REIN
  • Course Design Basics
  • Online Course Makeover

The first webinar in this series was The Four P’s of Online Learning, and it is now available on demand in Remote Learner’s Learning Spaces. 

The webinar is led by Rich Lewis, Training Coordinator at Remote Learner. In this webinar, Rich introduces some of the most important principles to consider when creating a space for people to learn or receive training: personalization, place, presence, and persuasion.

Included in this webinar are valuable tools for making sure you start on the right foot when establishing an online learning space, whatever your training, professional development, or education goals may be. These include:

  • Successful learning strategies from traditional classroom environments into online learning
  • Engagement techniques such as suitable imagery and collaborative activities
  • Choices for users for demonstrating their learning
  • Techniques to influence user behavior in ways that facilitate desired learning outcomes

Access the webinar here, or check out some of our other available webinars in Learning Spaces. Be sure to log in for full access to all of Remote Learner’s useful webinars.